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Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 15:25:45

Level 61
Do you think Fizzer makes a living just off of Warlight profits? If so then good for him
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Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 15:48:36

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 62
Really? I recall some of his live-chats where he said that this was his sole source.
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 16:14:08

Cata Cauda
Level 59
I recall that too. He said that it's his only source.
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 16:59:19

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 59
I know he used to work for Microsoft or something. Idk if he does any other work though.
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 17:04:44

Level 61
Atm Fizzer only works on WL. Afaik WL is currently enough to sustain him, but it doest add a lot to the savings.
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 17:39:10

Level 61
he would make a lot more if he wouldn't waste it all on drugs.
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 18:07:03

Level 21
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 18:56:59

Level 61
Maybe rehab is on his immediate road map...
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/17/2017 20:59:49

Level 59
Likely around 20-30k, growing 3k a year.


This is probably 2x over, and he's been working on it for like 10 years so 40k?

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Fizzers annual salary?: 3/19/2017 15:04:04

Level 59
- He claims that, this is his sole source of income
- He has claimed to work for Microsoft
- And this is estimated value, estimated revenue

Worthofweb claims page is worth 1m, some others only see it 50 000 - 100 000.
Also worthofweb claims it has 50 000+ visitors daily. Others again only 3000 - 9000.
Worthofweb claims it to make 20 000+ advertising cash, others 1500 - 3000. As far as I have understood, if, the ads merely cover the server expenses, and maybe with some left-over exchange. At least my reliable source says it. Some say ~ around 20-30$/daily ads cash only.

does any of you seriously thin, that Warlight is worth 1 million. If then, really provide solid argument, why would anyone pay such price?

All those sites, just estimate. But if ones estimate is 10x that others, than I guess it is as worthless as they claim it on their page:

# "We are totally aware that it is practically impossible to be accurate with these estimations. After all, we are using public ranking systems which are not so accurate in the first place. Then we build our report based on these numbers and on our assumption that website is working on advertising/affiliate revenue model. So please don’t expect anything 100% accurate. "

The interesting thing I found, if its true, then more than 50% traffic comes from outside US, but coin-system is mainly built for US-players, too much trouble getting your money back, especially without tax-deal with US.

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Fizzers annual salary?: 3/19/2017 17:02:28

The Dalek
Level 45
Worthofweb claims page is worth 1m

The exchange rate for 1 million internet money is currently at about 10.000 Facebook likes. Imo this seems quite realistic for me however then again more an overestimation than an underestimation. As for real world cold hard cash I would say that this translates to quite a couple of XXL McDonalds menues.
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/20/2017 19:04:39

Level 57

I could have swarn i remembered him saying a while ago that wl wasn't giving him sufficient money so he had another job, guess i was wrong.. kind of weird to me honestly if you guys are right, but whatever makes things easier for him :) I've given him a decent amount of money over the years so I'm glad to have helped him sustain his lifestyle however possible.

Edited 3/20/2017 19:08:56
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/21/2017 19:32:26

Hidden Hand 
Level 56
As a developer with more than 10+ assets, I can tell you this website is not worth $1m.
Fizzer makes somewhere between 22-44K a year from Warlight.
You have to take add revenue and combine it with the rate of sale (ROS) so how many clans does Fizzer sell a day, how many weekly/monthly memberships?
coin sales?

Not to mention ROI (return of investment)
I can testify servers, email accounts, hosting, bandwidth, developer fees, app hosting, ssl, etc.
Take huge chunks of could-be or would-be profit.
Snap chat just went public for 20 Billion, but will pay google $5 billion over the next 3 years just for hosting/server space.

Facebook makes approx. $22,000 a year per daily active user that's views/clicks on ads.
usually a website/business is worth its annual income times five.
If this is was making 20K a year, that would bring its value in a around 100K for purchase.

In business it's all about your bottom line, so Fizzer is banking on the fact we will all wake up tomorrow and spend hours playing Risk rather than chatting on FB, surfing Google, etc.
It's all about user-time and user-action the more a website can funnel your time, the more profit they can yield.

For example, how expensive is it for a month of this site's ad-free play?
It would be significantly more than a user would generate viewing ads, so if that is the bottom line, how much is Fizzer losing by not supplementing his income for funneling more user-time into his website?

That's a better question.

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Fizzers annual salary?: 3/22/2017 20:12:40

Level 60
Fizzer is banking on the fact we will all wake up tomorrow and spend hours playing Risk

Do you not?
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/22/2017 22:40:02

Level 61
Nice to see that HH has recovered from his fatal car crash.
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/24/2017 01:09:09

Level 59
He had some good life insurance, bob.
Fizzers annual salary?: 3/24/2017 17:12:10

Level 26
He does it for hotpockets
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