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How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 18:42:05

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Hey Guys, I dont know how many here remember me, but I think the oldschoolers do. I played this game for a while and than stoped 4 years ago (i guess).

And I would like to share with you a little bit of my history and how this game had a huge impact in changing my life.

I always loved this game, I love the simultaneous turn enhancement of it, but I think one of the things that made me fall in love with the game was the fact that I was pretty good at it. Since the beggining I had high win rates and as time progressed I learned more and more watching the best players up to the point I could be a match for most of them and then I entered the select group of the severel dozens of best players. I had pretty good results, and at some point I must've been a record holder of the 2v2 ladder.
I also was one of the founders apex, and even in the beggining with very few players we also had lots of very impressive results in many tournaments and challenges.

The most of significant part about my history however is how I was involved in the community. At some point I started creating lots of different tournaments, differents events, different formats, I remember creating ideas for every single event of the olympics because of london 2012. I was a frequent user of this forum, and I remember at some point there was a joke of something random happening and dunga would think a new game out of it.

You may think why I am telling all this, and the reason is because all about the game for me boosted my self confidence a lot. The game made me realize a lot about myself, other than intelligence I realized that creativity was an ability highly developed in me and I should had I better look at it and trust its results.

But no matter how good I was as a player, I always thought Fizzer was above all of us as the creator, I had the most admiration of Fizzer. I think that the fact that he made the game all himself and create a format that allow that much customization and community involvment was an amazing incredible accomplishment. I looked up to him, and in some sense I envyed his capability of doing it all, and as a hobby. My involvment with the game and the feeling i had about all of it were the ultimate motivation to start moving towards my real dream, that was to be a game designer.

I entered an university course about game design that was just starting and was really close to my house. A few months later I stopped playing the game because I am not the type of a moderate person, I usually go all in or not at all.
In 2013 my 2 daughters moved in with me (I am a single parent) and that was the best and most signficant thing to ever happen to me. One thing that is also relevant is the fact that I started playing league of legends with my oldest daughter, and we played a lot together as I was teaching her everything I could.

Last year I graduated as a game designer.
I started working in one side project and a few of mine. But at the end of last year I met my partner, so I abandoned the project I was on to open my own company with her.

She invested in my ideas and we started development with a small crew february this year. We started working in 2 game projects, one of mine that was already in development and a brand new one.

In July this year my oldest daughter with 10 year old went viral for being a 10 year old guy platinum League of legends player. She was massive broadcasted among the community and her videos (or videos about her) reached a few million views. Her(our) channel has 72k subscribers now and expected to reach 100k at some point next year.

Our game was supposed to be launched in july, but our crew is not professional, all young and fresh, and we had just a bad beta of the game one month later. We had to make a decision about finishing it or leaving it for the other game, since we believed the other game would have much more potential.
We ended up deciding to continue developing the game, since at end would be at least a very good portfolio.

In november tragedy striked and the mother of my daughters died at age 28. We weren't together, but it was a very hard loss. 2016 had proved to be a very intense and extreme year.

But life has to move on, and my focus is split between the youtube channel and the games development.
Last month we than launch our game oficially and we believed to have a very good game in our hands, not a beta anymore. We planned to not make investment in marketing because the game was not yet in condition to monetize properly, first we had finished other aspects of the game.
The only thing we did was to post a video in the youtube channel, and later I would start emailing youtubers, and site of reviews and try to get get free publicity going.
However the game had bugs, and was not working properly in some devices. And we decided that we would not make selling efforts until we had it figured out.

Something then happened, without our efforts the game started to get life on the play store. It got increasingly more downloads as we panicked to solve the bugs as our score was dropping (our yt fans had given us a 4.8 score in the first 1.500 downloads). As we managed to solve the bug our game was definitely growing fast, in less than a month we have more than 50k downloads, 9k only yesterday. We are extremely happy.

My objective is to tell the history, not to sell the game or get publicity, only if fizzer allows I will post the name of the game or yt channel in here.

I really feel like living the path I dreamt about, and it was all because the game made me realize I could got it, all I want is to my pay my tribute to the game and Fizzer and show the immense gratitude I have for it.
This community was by far the best community I ever was involved online, and that was the reason I always wanted to share my history with you all.

Thank you, and sorry for the long post (no potatos)
- downvoted post by Genghis
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 19:08:56

Level 60

Warzone Creator
Awesome story! I'm so pleased that WarLight had a positive impact on your life, and I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 19:22:42

Level 60
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 19:30:55

Level 61
I have to agree with Dunga when he says what Fizzer has created a game with a format that allows "much customization and community involvement" and that it's indeed a incredible accomplishment.

It's nice to hear how WarLight has been an impact on your life and I wish success on your daughters YT channel and on your game. Mail me if you want to tell me the YT Channel and game, I would be curious to check it out and I'm sure others will.

I truly believe it's the most satisfactory accomplishment in life that you are " living the path I dreamt about" makes everything happier and enjoyable. Obviously you get the good moments with the bad and you simply have to move on. Sorry about the hard loss.

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How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 19:31:18

Level 61
Thanks for sharing , there is something very heartwarming about your story.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 20:33:19

Level 60
Half of a million views is a lot man, nice work.

I hope all the best for you in the future.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 21:33:41

Timinator • apex 
Level 65
Nice story dunga, i hope you reach your goals! Was always a pleasure to play with you.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 21:43:49

Level 61
Good read, very nice to hear.

Any chance you'll be hanging around for a while on WL?
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 22:10:44

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
Amazing a little game like this had so much impact on your life.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 22:31:54

Level 61
Thank you for sharing. Very interesting read and I hope the best for you and your daughters.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 22:36:20

Art Vandelay
Level 53
Thanks for sharing your story. I am an oldschooler and I remember you. You're a great player and I'm glad you are doing so well. Warlight truly is one of the most unique games out there.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 22:36:34

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
You and Fridge were always bringing new innovative events to our community, that was the most active and best period of alltime! You are incredibly amazing. It is the tale of someone who is largely responsible for the foundation of a bustling community that made it to achieve his dream. I've read your story 3 times for now and honestly this is one of the most delightful and inspiring stories I've ever read. Keep up with the succes!
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 23:11:02

Level 60
free keys to all apex members or didn't happen!!! ;)

welcome back dunga, cool to read your story :)
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/4/2016 23:27:38

Level 60

your daughter is adorable :D
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 00:01:48

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Reading all your comments is amazing.

I wish i could reply each one but I will just thank you all.
What was your nick gentleman?

nice finding ps :)
not so hard with the proper keywords though, hehe xD
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 01:37:55

Level 60
So I was expecting a troll thread and I got a cool story. Nice little heartwarming tale.

Parabéns, mas o elo de sua filha me fez eu me sentir um pratinha lixo hahahaha
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 02:06:12

Level 59
As a game designer and programmer in the making, your story is both amazing and inspiring. Thank you for the share, Dunga! It's great to have an ancient and respected veteran back. ^^

Also, your daughter is adorable. <3
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 16:38:51

Sherlock Holmes
Level 55
Cool :)
Warlight does improve one's thinking and if rightly applied, this is the result :)
All the best to you and your team.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 17:12:36

Level 60
Amazing story Dunga!
Welcome back!

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How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 17:27:10

Master Turtle 
Level 61
I remember you being at the top of the ladders, active on the forums, and a common name that people would talk about back when I first started to play warlight. I'm thankful that this game means so much to you, thank you for your personal contribution to it. Hopefully we can play some games together enjoy what Fizzer's given us =)
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 17:28:11

Fc Bayern
Level 64
I thought this would be a Troll Thread.

However this is the nicest Story i have ever heard on warlight!
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 17:42:17

Level 60
Wow! Amazing story!

It’s funny to see your post since you got one of the guy at the top when I discover this game, and even if I don’t know you, your nickname is ringing in my brain as a model to me when I started to see warlight in the competitive way.

Thank you for the share, it's very heartwarming in some points and very interesting to see warlight can have this kind of impact, and furthermore to see grateful comments as yours. You seem to take the life in the good side. We can only wish the best to a guy like you.

The parallele with other games and particularly esport games as League of Legend is particularly interesting too, and very inspiring. I always thought warlight has some potential as strategic game (Fizzer is a very smart guy), but it’s interesting to see it can finally have some synergic way with other competitive games. Maybe that is very little, but it’s a kind of spirit (as you say “go all in or not at all”) and very encouraging.

PS: please excuse my english, I hope it was clear

Edited 12/5/2016 17:42:35
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 17:59:08

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
@dunga • apex It's remarkable how you automatically assumed me to have another account older of age but surprisingly this is my main account. I don't share any other alternative account, or at least unsuspended accounts since all of them got banned. Although I used to wander around the Warlight community under your reign reading commentary and reviewing games on the ladder and forums, I never participated nor commented. My experience on Warlight back then was that of a newcomer actually.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 21:07:46

Level 62
Great story to read Dunga! Thank you for sharing with us :)
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/5/2016 21:54:43

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
I surely remember you, very nice story dunga! Was always a pleasure to play with you. :)
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/6/2016 03:11:45

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58
Don't know you, dunga, I'm afraid I came along too late to know your story, but I too have felt like Fizzer has given us all an awful lot. I took up this game when my youngest daughter was born as a way to amuse myself during long periods of inactivity at the hospital. (she's now a crazy three year old). While I have not come close to sniffing your level of accomplishment, I try to contribute where I can and I have made many great friends along the way. Friends that carry over into life outside of Warlight even.
Either way, nice to hear your story. Thanks for sharing!
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/6/2016 04:33:10

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
cool beans.
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/6/2016 13:03:09

dunga • apex 
Level 57
I didn't expect this kind of acceptance of my history. Every time I read your replys it fills me with joy.
This community is as amazing as I can remember, I wish I could reply each one of you, if you want, message me and lets talk
How Fizzer and Warlight changed my life: 12/6/2016 15:28:36

Level 56
like Belgian Gentleman i was around but never commented, i'm positive i have sean your name a lot though. great story!
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