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Warlight wishlist: 10/25/2016 13:38:37

Level 59
Past games :

  • [possible bug] Have games not ended (including not started) on top of the list when sorted by Ended date, since end date will be later than current ended games
  • Move MD ended games in Past games only when summary screen has been seen or summary button has been hit
  • Make a daily separation for clarity
  • Add a search function (by team games VS ffa, map, MD vs RT, tourney game, players involved, …)

    Tournaments :

  • Move tournaments where we are eliminated in "Past Tournaments" even if they are not finished, or at least sort them by maximum number of games left
  • Color "X places left" in red (so we know its not an active tournament ; we can also help with filling)
  • Add boot time options to join or decline an invitation (so that tournaments don't end up cancelled)
  • Fix the scrolling in Players bracket (iPhone scrolling would be perfect)
  • Move link “Past tournaments” on top of the page as we are used to see “past games” on top
  • On “Players” and “Settings” pages, have the title line always staying on top like on “Bracket” page
  • Make “random teams” possible in settings between all players who joined a tournament
  • Allow to customize settings when creating a tournament like when creating a game

    Game history :

  • Make history button at turn 0 light grey and not clickable (so players don't waste their time clicking on history by mistake and closing the pop up when looking for settings)
  • [possible bug] Display OD card played as 1st order instead of after opponent's last order (so when clicking on “Watch” you know why your orders are not coming)
  • Display in last lines how much total visible income were deployed by each opponent (so we don’t need to do the addition)

    Game chat :

  • Activate "team chat" for 1 player team games (so you can leave notes in your 20 current MD 1v1 and ffa...)
  • Make a sound (that you can deactivate) when someone joins the open game you're waiting to be filled if the tab is not active (you're browsing on a different one)
  • Make a sound (that you can deactivate) when someone chats in the open game you're waiting to be filled if the tab is not active

    Bank time :

  • Prevent Bank Time from running while you are committed, so you can still modify without the bad surprise that your time has ran out without warning and you got booted (idea should be about avoid stalling and too long games, not about how long a player can think to make his orders)
  • Add option to transfer bank time to a teammate in RT games (possibly with sacrifice of reducing it when transferred)

    Actual games :

  • [possible bug] Make Ctrl click on “Create game” available to open it in a new tab when you are on a current game screen
  • [possible bug] Allow to issue a new attack of 0 army (instead of receiving an error pop up, while it's possible to make an existing attack down to 0 to cancel it), so that you can use this to cancel an attack you only started and don't want to do any more
  • As suggested by PS, confirm phase should show on the map which order you were last highlighting, so you don't need to go back to attack phase to see this information at this stage
  • [possible bug] Remove the "base armies received" in Player stats as “Armies actually deployed” already gives the information and is more accurate as takes into account super bonuses.
  • When a RT game is voted to end at turn 1 following a boot at turn 0, hide picks if they were manual so same team can play same combos in a rematch, and ideally bring also the game back to dashboard with an added seat
  • Add an option to mirror a teammate's picks with one click

    Dashboard :

  • Highlight (light and slow flash or coloured borders) the square of a player where a Private note has been written, so that the “B” for BL is still visible, and display the note when hovering the square
  • Replace "Automatic distribution" with "X random [or manual] starting picks of Y armies" when hovering the distribution icon
  • Replace “Team game” with “X random [or manual] teams of Y players” when hovering the team icon
  • Replace "Wastelands" with "X wastelands of Y neutrals" when hovering the Wasteland icon
  • Add icons (not green) for "WR", Multi Attack, Local deployment, Army cap, Neutrals different than 2, Luck modified, and so on which are not common
    [Done (Fizzer) - Add the list of the cards when hovering the Cards icon]
  • Color Commander icon in something else than green, to keep green for standard settings only
  • Highlight bookmarks and threads that have received a new message since last connexion
  • Have a general chat on the right hand side that can be hidden, the same kind as for tournaments

    Common games :

  • Display "games played together" link above Single-player stats in the profile so we don’t need to scroll down to check this information
  • Replace the link with "you have no game played with this player" if you don't have any
  • Specify whether the game was played as teammates or opponents
  • Add a win/loss ratio vs this player for games played as opponents and for games played as teammates
  • When seeing games played with a player, have a back button to easily come back to the list of games and check the next one

    Search Player function (to invite players to games, tourneys and write an email) :

  • Order them by times you invited them to games or tournaments first, then by common games, then by last connection (so you find faster the players you regularly invite to games and tournaments)
  • Don’t make a difference for Capital letters in search functions
  • Add Clan flag, level and number of common games in brackets in search functions to find the right player with an already used nickname

    Emails :

  • Emails with one player should always go in the same thread (like for new generation text messages) instead of having to create a new one and choose an object each time, which should be replaced by the name of the player you're writing to

    Forum :

  • Make a daily thread limit per player to prevent spam
  • Add a “back to forum” button on bottom of threads too
  • Replace “jump to last page” with “Jump to last msg”
  • Don’t automatically lock old threads to avoid doubles
  • [possible bug] Back button in Clan forum should head to all forums, not to clan description page
  • Add smileys
  • Add colors

    AI :

  • [possible bug] Have "treat teammates as ennemies" false by default (algorithm may specify otherwise depending on situation)
  • [possible bug] Stop making AI attack with 4's only in SR games
  • Make AI try to defend and break (super) bonuses as a priority
  • Make AI also attack ennemies, not only neutrals, especially when bordering opponent(s)

    Profile :

  • Have teammate names in ladder teams linked to their player profile
  • Color player names by their favourite game color everywhere on the website (including forum)
  • Add an online function and display a dot that would be green if online, red if offline, grey if unknown (hidden status)
  • [possible bug] Have unbalanced team stats (ex : 3v4) ranked and displayed too

    Clans :

    [Done (Muli 1.12.12) - Make a Search function similar to Search players]
  • Add the Clan icon between the email enveloppe and the name in top right corner of every page (so we can find clan page quicker)

    Blacklist :

  • Show whether you re blacklisted by a player on the dashboard (if possible), or at least receive a notification (that you can deactivate) when blacklisted and have access to the list of players who blacklisted you
  • Allow "block option" along with blacklist option, which would prevent blocked players from joining only your team (but can join opponent or random team games and email you) : block would be for noobs, BL for unfair or rude players that you don’t want nowhere in a game that you have created ; bonus - players would see more open games which would fill faster

    Notifications :

  • [possible bug] Add the option to not receive a notification for a tournament ended

    Achievements :

  • Add levels 1 to 5 players to beat (motivation for low level players to make achievement, challenge to find L1 players for high level players and more consistent / would stop looking like a bug)
  • Add win an unbalanced and unfavorable team game (ex : 3v4)

    Settings (in a game or tournament) :

  • Highlight all unusual settings : MA, LD, WR, no split, army cap, modified luck, neutrals different than 2, wastelands, commanders, 0 army standing, extra armies per territories, Vacation not allowed, ….
  • Add a highlighted line summing up all common settings : “ROR RT 3v3 random team game with 4x5 manual picks, 5 base armies, no cycle order"

    Creating a game :

  • A player who was removed after being invited should still be able to join the game
  • A player who declined a game or was removed after being invited should not be able to read chat and receive chat notifications
  • When a player declines an invitation in manual team games and the other seats of the team are full, offer the host to add a seat and prevent game from starting until host answered the pop up

    Muli’s script specifics :

  • When hidding single games stats (for example) by clicking on it on a player profile, have this saved so you don’t need to hide It again everytime
  • Add average points per player (or per active player ie who have at least 1 point in last 30 days) in clan search function
  • In Tournament page, add game currently being played in number of games left, or merge both information together like “games left : 1+ 2 to 4”, 1+ being the game currently played, so we know easier how long more should be needed

  • Edited 10/27/2016 20:18:15
    Warlight wishlist: 10/25/2016 14:44:15

    Cloud Strife
    Level 60
    Uservoice it.
    Warlight wishlist: 10/25/2016 15:27:36

    Level 61
    RT Ladder
    • play more rt ladder
    • show which players are not matched yet
    • let me decide which notable victories to display
    • expand notable victories
    • stop my losing streak

    Profile page

    • add a button "create a game with this player"

    Edited 10/25/2016 15:46:59
    Warlight wishlist: 10/25/2016 15:50:07

    Level 61

    Settings (in a game or tournament) :

    Highlight all unusual settings : MA, LD, WR, no split, army cap, modified luck, neutrals different than 2, wastelands, commanders, extra armies per territories, Vacation not allowed, ….

    Go to settings/highlighted settings. Change it the way you want.
    Warlight wishlist: 10/25/2016 15:52:54

    master of desaster 
    Level 65
    Linberson there is no option to highlight commanders or 0 armies standing. I guess that's what he is talking about
    Warlight wishlist: 10/25/2016 16:22:48

    Level 59
    I didn't know about this feature in Settings (well hidden...) so thanks Linberson ! But indeed as MOD said some settings are missing. I'll have to look at it and update the post accordingly.

    Uservoice it.

    No. I don't need to promote the ideas, I do this for Fizzer, so he attracts and keeps longer more players. Just to thank him for the great work so far and his original idea. He has never used UV or players wishes to decide what to develop first anyway so I won't put much more effort than that into it. Sadly I rely more on Muli tbh, and still hope in Fizzer's common sense.

    Edited 10/25/2016 16:30:04
    Warlight wishlist: 10/25/2016 22:34:59

    Cloud Strife
    Level 60
    Warlight wishlist: 10/26/2016 01:31:31

    Level 56
    Add an online function and display a dot that would be green if online, red if offline, grey if unknown (hidden status)

    I like this one
    Warlight wishlist: 10/26/2016 02:13:26

    Level 56

    Thanks for your suggestion. I agree these are good ideas, but its not on our immediate roadmap.


    Thank you not really, I'm just going to keep implementing whatever I was planning in the first place.
    Warlight wishlist: 10/26/2016 14:37:17

    Level 58
    About the possible bug în the profile section about games with uneven teams. That is not actually a bug, since Warlight doesn't allow making ranked games with uneven teams ( it will automatically Set it to practice whatever You do) and there only ranked games count. BTW thank You for including my suggestion too :)
    Warlight wishlist: 10/26/2016 20:05:39

    Fan the Apostle
    Level 56
    These would be honestly great features to implemented into the game/forum. Although the Interface isn't messy it could always need some cleaning once in a while. Let's hope that Fizzer will take this into consideration (if he ever reads this of course) into next month's blog he makes, or at least any time he makes a 3.x update.
    Warlight wishlist: 10/26/2016 21:39:19

    Level 63
    Excellent ideas.I hope all of them will be implemented at warlight :D
    Warlight wishlist: 10/26/2016 22:58:11

    Level 62

    • [Possible bug] Allow the first post of a thread to be hidden (encase it contains low-quality content).

    Edited 10/26/2016 22:59:29
    Warlight wishlist: 10/27/2016 00:26:38

    Level 59
    Did an update (small additions, re wording) and i have 0 character left so I suggest like DanWL, add your suggestions in your replies, Fizzer will probably read the whole thread. Next time i do it, i'll reserve the first answer :-).

    For records, original intro :
    Hi all,

    I know Fizzer always invites us to post ideas on Uservoice so he sees popularity of an idea. But Fizzer also proved that he develops what he thinks is priority regardless. So instead of posting each idea on Uservoice, and also to allow Fizzer and Muli find them all easily, I suggest this thread.

    Please feel free to comment and add your ideas (including the ones from Uservoice).
    Warlight wishlist: 10/27/2016 00:30:15

    Level 55
    Really great that someone has made such a whole list, upvoted.
    Warlight wishlist: 11/8/2016 17:55:21

    Level 58
    ... I've got (I believe so) some other great ideas. ( and also this great thread needs something to bring it back to life)

    1.Proposal for an enhanced Local Deployment type of setting called "Regional Deployment". It consists of being able to deploy the income of every bonus only on the territories which connect with the territories în that bonus by your own territories or of an ally.
    For example în RoR if you got only Spain and Partha You can only deploy Spain superbonus and of its territories în Spain and only tose of Partha's ( the same) în Partha. However, if you got a way in which Partha and Spain are connected ( either a line of territories or complete bonuses on the way, either by yours or an ally) you will be able to depoly anywhere.
    This would be a highly beneficial setting because it would make encirclements of enemy's armies like a great move from you ( at this moment having some armies inside is very bad for everyone) and also add some realism too to the way armies are deployed (now deployment of armies is basically an enhanced airlift card)

    Alternatives and add-ons:
    Make a system similar to that found în Dice Wars în term of income as such: income=max(Regional income 1, Regional income 2...)
    Make armies in territories not connected to a bonus lose 5% of their armies every turn ( maybe custom, to further increase the attrition of encirclement)

    2.Maybe this would ruin the game somehow, but maybe you would find it good.
    I propose adding another option like Attack-Only called "Attack if advantageous" , where the attack will happen only if by it you kill at least the armies you lose.
    Warlight wishlist: 11/12/2016 12:57:20

    Level 60
    Having notes for a game is pretty useful.
    Warlight wishlist: 11/13/2016 12:23:48

    Level 58
    This is already possible, the game creator must make teams of 1 player instead of the usual FFA
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