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Clan: 7th Heaven

Number of members: 9
Created: 4/15/2015

Bio: 7th Heaven is a FFVII-themed clan with a strong focus on team games.Our clan is a small community of talented and skilled warlight players.

Our goal is to compete as well as grow,learn and get better, both as individuals and as a team.

We are dedicated to hosting and participating in both real-time and multi-day team games, and team-based community events.

There are no official skill-based requirements for joining,but our guideline is "quality over quantity". We prefer to remain few in numbers but strong in skill.

If you wish to join 7th Heaven:

We are looking for reliable team players.

Solid stats,high activity and strong tactical skills are a start,but by no means a guarantee you will be accepted.

Play several real-time and multi-day games we host (ideally both as opposition and a teammate). After that, if you still feel the clan is a good fit for you,send a personal message to any member.

If,in return, we feel you are - as a player and a person - a good fit for the clan and would add certain qualities to the team, we will send you an invite.

*Important note : since the clan is FFVII-themed, the requirement for joining is to change your name and profile picture to represent a character from the FFVII universe.*

"Look always to the internal flow of time which is far greater than the span of a human life."

Clan Member Title
Cloud Strife The Frowning Founder
Zack Fair The Hero
Red XIII Master Tactician
Jenova Mamma Mia!
Alexander the Great Holy!
Cid Highwind Captain Air Support
Phoenix Chocobo
Cait Sith The Fortune Teller
Vincent Valentine Undead PR/Co-Founder