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Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/16/2015 16:08:35

Level 51
I've just finished developing my first map. It's a very big diplomacy style map, and I'm looking for 12-13 people who might be interested in testing it. The testing game will not be Diplo in itself, but keep in mind it was built around Role playing functions. It's quite a large, complicated map, but well worth the fun. Anybody who's interested let me know and I'll send you an invite. Keep in mind it's early development.

I'm looking currently for
-Errors in territory connections
-Confusing bonus's or features
-Spelling Mistakes
-Ease of use and Aesthetics
-Pretty much anything else.


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Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/16/2015 16:26:45

Level 36
I'm always up for testing. Count me in.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/16/2015 23:09:43

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
i'll test it.

i have questions though.

what's up with all the bonuses in Unity?

is this based off a book/Movie?

is there supposed to be a certain way this is played?

I like the shapes in the cities. it makes all the cities different in a nice way.

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Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 00:05:17

Level 51
Yeah, it's quite experimental in many ways.

The many bonuses for the unity section are meant to create a council similar to what's found in Dameon's Westeros Diplomacy. Controlling one seat on the council will give you 6 units, but taking any more seats that that will give no additional units. The King's seat is worth twice as much. For instance, controlling just the king will give the player 12 units, but controlling the entire Council will still only be worth 12.

Nope, not based off book or movie. A few inspirations for territory names come from Mervyn Peake and such, but mostly its based off a world I created with some friends.

It's meant to be played as a diplomacy map. I suppose you could use it otherwise, but you might want to disable some bonuses. Holding the powerful cities is important.

Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 00:47:20

Agent Washington
Level 56
I would like to help test, It looks like a very interesting idea for a diplomacy map!
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 02:20:59

M. Poireau
Level 55
Nice map! Beautiful.

(Not so sure about the rectangular ocean territories, though.)
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 06:23:40

Richard Lonmouth
Level 40
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 07:22:46

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
I'll test, it looks really good.

However, with the text it seems you have drawn it yourself. It would look nicer if you selected a font the matches your world then add it through the text tool. You can make text appear in WarLight by selecting it after you type it, then go to Path - Object -> Path. Unless you've done this, in which case what kind of font is that?

That's all. Good map :)
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 09:06:03

E Masterpierround
Level 56
Connections in the city of "Equality" (north part) need fixing I think. -- FIXED
N Ardean Coastwaters connects to Isleway and it shouldn't.
N. Aristan Open Sea doesn't connect to Eliza's Scorn and it should.
Slander Mouth & Morzathal Coastwaters don't connect, but should.
Thripden & Port May doesn't connect to Whaler's Bay, but it should.
Watching Bay and East Verinik don't connect, but should.
Mandiarl and Thriz Rainwash don't connect, but should.
City of Canais and City of Felais connect, but shouldn't.
In Fort Mary the Rustpierce Wall doesn't connect to the outside, but the Hardshot Wall does.
Shineport & Dustflower Sea don't connect but should.
Frakjil Route & N Aristan Open Sea don't connect but should.

Is there any reason that some gates connect to the walls (through towers) while other gates don't?

I personally don't like the fact that walls are all one territory, but it's consistently true in the map, so I assume it was intentional.

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Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 10:46:21

Level 53
looks nice so i'll test it
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 11:03:34

Level 59
I shall test it
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 13:30:08

Von Jewburg
Level 35
A bit complex.

I usually find having a blown-up section of the map annoying, but this seems nice. I'd recommend making the large cities on the main map have a unique shape. That way, people can understand what cities are big. I like it
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 14:10:46

Level 62
invite me
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 16:16:43

Level 51
OK, great, thanks everybody who's up for testing! Tchaikovsky / M. Poireau / Masterpierround, not sure if you'd like to test or just giving suggestions. Either way it's appreciated, thanks. I'll send you invites in case you would like to test.

Diplomatic Immunity> Yes, the font does look a little crude. The reason is actually that I ran out of SVG space. :p I had to cut down on nodes as much as I could in Inkscape, and currently it's barely within the limit. I could rework the font possibly though...

E Masterpierround> Nice catch! Should be fixed.

Tchaikovsky Reborn> Hm... That would be interesting, might look nice. I'll play around with it in the SVG and see how it looks.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 17:48:12

E Masterpierround
Level 56
+1 Tchaikovsky.

The problem is that your cities are all hexagons, but there are 2 types of cities, and it would be better if they were visually different from each other.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/17/2015 18:05:51

Level 51
E Masterpierround> Great, thanks for finding all these. All the big cities are octagons, but I could make them more unique possibly. The gates/walls are confusing, but any all of the gates should connect to walls they are adjacent to, with the exception being Antioch. Otherwise it's an error on my part.
Thanks for being so active in spotting errors!

-Oh, and in Port Edward, that gate isn't meant to connect to the towers.

Edited 10/17/2015 18:11:06
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/18/2015 00:33:01

E Masterpierround
Level 56
What about Norpine, then? Are the gates to the castle intended to be the way they are?

Also, +1 for Norwa, Sweda, and Finla. Clearly 100% original names.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/18/2015 00:57:14

Level 60
Map is a bit confusing at first sight, but looks amazing! Really want to check it out.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/18/2015 01:12:36

Level 51
Norpine> Ah no. Those are wonky. I'll fix that... was thinking of a different concept when I connected those walls. The reason most of the walls are 1-territory is because they're easier to defend that way, and it frees up space from additional defense penalty bonuses.

And yeah. Original. Huehuehue...

Edited 10/18/2015 01:14:40
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/20/2015 21:35:37

Level 53
Why are there so many odd bonuses in Unity? Surely those can't all be to make it so you can't get more than one council seat?
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/20/2015 21:48:05

Level 51
They are :/ Algebra. have to have -6 for controlling each pair of seats, but if you have 3 you will get 3(+6) for 3(-6). So then you need bonuses for each group of three. But then if you have 4 you will get too much... and on and on.

Basically what it comes down to is I need

7 +6 bonuses for each seat,
7*6 / 1*2 = 21 -6 bonuses for each combo of 2 seats,
7*6*5 / 1*2*3 = 35 +6 bonuses for each combo of 3 seats,
7*6*5*4 / 1*2*3*4 = 35 -6 bonuses for each combo of 4 seats...
And so on.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/20/2015 22:03:48

Le Count H 
Level 57
Ill help
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/21/2015 00:10:19

Level 51
Thanks Le Count H, I got enough players for now. Guess I should have posted that up here. Thanks for volunteering though, the map will prob be public in 1-2 weeks.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/21/2015 01:50:50

E Masterpierround
Level 56
Here is the promised strategic analysis. I was gonna analyze all large bonuses, but that's waaaaaayyyyy too much work. Also, I'll be referring to cities by their attributes, as that's how my notes are

City-----Natural Superbonuses-----------Contested Superbonuses------Natural Enemies
Plunder--Seaguard(3)---------------------Frakjil(4), Roloria(10), Gujarat(4)--Economy, Order, Trade, Science, Unity
Order-----Grey Protectorate(4), Forst(5)-----Frakjil (4)-----------------------Plunder
Economy--Eyesl (6), Morlias (4), Dwarland (7)--Roloria(10), Lucial(10)---------Plunder, Equality
Equality--Rusta(12)--------------------------Sweda(4), Norwa(5), Lucial(10)---Economy, Strength
Strength--Norwa(5), Finla(5)----------------Sweda(4), Siber(3), Morzathal(5)---Equality, Beauty, Magic, Evil
Evil--HW*(4),MTH*(5),FM*(6),DOE*(5) ------West Ernea(7), East Ernea(7)----Freedom, Strength, Magic
Trade--WITC Puppets(6), WITC(4)----------Gujarat(4), Soma(4)--------------Plunder, Science
Science--Novus Roma(7), Forka(2), Klain(4)--Soma(4), Birchanse(7)----------Trade, Unity, Plunder?
Freedom--NA*(7), TM*(3), Caninus(7)-------West Ernea(7)--------------------Evil, Magic
Unity----Golde Kingdom(5)-----------------Birchanse(7), Felinas(5)---------Science, WBeauty, Plunder? Magic?
Magic--------------------------------Felinas(5), East Ernea(7), Siber(3)--Freedom, Evil, Beautyx2, Strength, Unity
RBeauty----------------------------------Xarial(9), Siber(3)---------------Strength, WBeauty, Magic
WBeauty----------------------------------Xarial(9), Felinas(5)--------------Magic, Unity, RBeauty

*HW=Hjazan Warlords, MTH=Morthazal, FM=Firesmarch, DOE=Defenders of Ern, NA=New Armea, TM=The Madlands

Natural Superbonuses are bonuses that have extra value to that city that they can easily take.
Contested Superbonuses are bonuses that have extra value to that city, but will be hard to take.
Natural Enemies are other cities that get extra value from the same bonuses as a city.

Plunder and Magic serve essentially the same role. They are cities that have a bunch of bonuses available, but to get those bonuses, they must risk pissing a bunch of people off to get those bonuses. These are fairly balanced in my opinion, as Plunder, in Roloria, has a safer expansion, but Magic is amazingly defensible.

Order is one of the safest cities on the board. If they stick to their special bonuses, they should face little argument, and have a delicious conflict over Lucial that they can involve themselves in if they want. In the same way, Freedom is a very safe city, although Freedom has a few more potential enemies than Order, but has a much more lucrative expansion.

I expect to see Strength and Equality be enemies often. I think this can be a mistake on the part of Equality. While it is true that Strength wants to take Sweda, and Equality can gain from Norwa, without a balancing force, if Equality and Strength are fighting, I see Economy snowballing out of control. Lucial is going to be huge in determining how that region plays out, and if Strength and Equality are fighting, the door is open for Economy to seize Lucial, then use the expansions in Dwarland and Roloria to become a massive power. With this being the case, Economy could be a tad overpowered, but Plunder + Equality helps to check their power.

I expect to see Science and Unity be enemies in almost every game. If either wants a chance to be the games largest power, they must get Birchanse. However, I think Science can live without it, but Birchanse is absolutely essential to Unity's power. In this respect I think Unity may be a bit underpowered, but Unity does have the single largest source of RP power in that council, so it balances out nicely.

I'm saving Beauty for last, so let me talk about Trade and Evil. Both of these can just sit in their corner of the map and get bonuses with minimal conflict. I think Evil's position is considerably stronger, as even if they don't bother to fight for West Ernea, which Freedom will likely make a grab for, Evil can amass a huge income from territories no one else wants. The nearest thing to a competitor for Evil in that area is Magic, but Magic will likely be sticking to the trade route and looking for low-hanging fruit elsewhere. I think Evil is fairly overpowered, but the sheer fact that they're "Evil" might make games difficult for them.

I'm at the final city, Beauty, but in my opinion, with the way the distribution is set up, this city's position is anything but beautiful. Not only does it have the only two starting positions that can't control their cities quickly, their expansion is terrible. Because of the 8 bonus for controlling both castles, each player in Xarial must constantly be ready to defend their castle. Even worse, they have to be ready to defend while their expansion can't even net a single superbonus easily. In my opinion, there is no way for a split Xarial to be relevant on the world stage. If they were unified, and the bonuses for Upper and Lower Xarial were decreased, Xarial could feasibly fight for Siber/Felinas. Otherwise, I think both Xarial players are doomed to obscurity as they vie for power within their own kingdom, failing to impact the rest of the world.


1. Economy - Huge expansion options. Not super safe, but nearby opponents are small and safe or involved in other conflicts

2. Evil - Large, safe expansion, but not a whole lot of ways to make alliances.

3. Freedom - Large, mostly safe expansion.

4. Science - Large safe expansion, but inevitable conflict with Unity.

5. Trade - Safe expansion, no real large expansion that is safe.

6. Magic - Absurdly defensible, widespread bonuses make for easy alliances.

7. Order - Small, but very safe expansion, quite defensible.

8. Unity - Practically no safe expansion, but great RP tools and alliance bargaining chips.

9. Equality - Large natural bonus, conflict with all neighbors.

10. Strength - Decent unsafe expansion, enemies everywhere.

11. Plunder - only halfway safe expansion pisses off the biggest superpower in the game.

12/13. Beauty - being split in 2 murdered Beauty IMO.

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Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/21/2015 20:01:36

Level 53
Could you either post custom scenarios you think would work, or if you don't want to, would you mind if I made some and posted them? this is a beautiful map, and I love the way you've got it set up.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/25/2015 00:53:27

Level 51
Whoops- Didn't see this comment. I'm not completely sure how to create shareable custom scenarios. If I did I would prob make a series explaining the history of the map. But of course, you're welcome to make them! I'd be interested to see your take on the map.

It is still in testing though, so it might be better to wait until it goes public.

Edited 10/25/2015 01:55:01
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/25/2015 01:43:25

Level 53
You just create the scenario and save it, and it will give you a link to copy/Paste.
And yeah, i can't actually use the map till it goes public, but I will post some scenarios here when it does.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/25/2015 01:48:51

E Masterpierround
Level 56
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/25/2015 01:50:10

E Masterpierround
Level 56
As long as you don't hit the "Map" tab in the editor you can look at that. You can even see custom distribution.
Testing for huge diplomacy-style 12-city map.: 10/25/2015 13:36:36

Level 53
That worked yeah.
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