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Clan: {W.U} Westeros United

Number of members: 2
Link: http://wuwarlight.weebly.com/
Created: 2/20/2015

Bio: Hello everyone and welcome to the {W.U} Westeros United clan page.
Here we all share one thing in common, a love for the Asoiaf universe, whether your knowledge is limited to one season or you can recite the entire history from the dawn of time we all have a love for some part of it.

The clan was founded by Atlas and San1 notably on 02/20/2015, Since then the clan has went through its ups and downs, leadership changed hands several times but it is now back into the hands of her creator.

{W.U} is in the stages of rebuild. In the absence of a leader for nearly 2 years most of the members found new homes or have went dark. With my return to Warlight I plan on making the clan great again.

We are pleased to announce that we are recruiting again from games hosted by {W.U}. If you have any questions regarding joining the clan feel free to contact Atlas the Clan leader.

Clan Higherarchy
💥Hedge Knight
💥Landed Knight
💥High Lord

Clan Member Title
Atlas The Great 👑King