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Clan: Creative Cloud

Number of members: 27
Tagline: CC
Created: 1/1/2016

Bio: We are a creative clan. Joining our clan you will find reliable players to play all kinds of games and a friendly community. We create games with fun and original templates.
It does not matter if you're new to the game, we just ask you to have a low boot rate to join.
We have experienced players that will help you improve your games and enjoy more widely all the options that warzone offers.
There are no weird requirements to stay; be respectful and don't get booted in team games.
To join the clan just send a messege to Dauti.

Clan Member Title
Огњен Ladder King
huddyj Small Earth Coach
dauti Best Commander
Golebievicus Achievements Master
RecMart Peerless
L'OSCI Napoleon
Jakob Weissler Champion
Buntii Fabulous
Pantelas Emperor
Ryan Doherty
fred The Monster
Turkey Retired
The Who Hotshot
mobtrio Team leader
hotTomato Lava
Etienne Exotic
Killer101 Assassin
Minos Glorious
zenek Fantastic
Seleukos The Artist
Dianne Abrams Miss Dianne
ikari One at a time