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The in-game settings panel has the ability to highlight notable settings.

This is useful for multiple reasons. First, it helps reduce the amount of time it take to read and digest the settings of a game by drawing your attention to the settings that you care about the most. Second, it also helps new players who aren’t yet experienced enough with Warzone to know what all of the different settings mean. These players can be alerted to the ones they might want to pay the closest attention to.

[edit] Default Criteria

By default, settings are highlighted if any of the following criteria are met:

[edit] Customize Criteria

Players can change these criteria to suit their own preferences by clicking on the Settings tab at the top, then selecting the Settings Highlight sub-tab.

For example, players who prefer playing in low-luck games can configure the settings panel to highlight the luck modifier anytime it’s higher than they prefer. Just check this box and set your desired threshhold:


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