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Players may set their Warzone account to vacation mode, which prevents them from being booted. This is useful for players who need to take an extended break from Warzone and want to resume their games when they get back.


[edit] To Enable

Vacations can be turned on by clicking the Settings tab, then the Change Vacation Mode button. Players can set how many days they wish to be on vacation for. It's a good idea to set the vacation to last a little longer than you'll be gone, since you'll be eligible to be booted from games as soon as the vacation expires.

[edit] Extensions

Vacations can only last up to 10 days. More specifically, vacations can be set to expire up to 10 days from the date the vacation is enabled.

Players who require a longer break can extend their vacation, but only within the previously mentioned limit. That is, if a player starts a 10-day vacation, and 7 days later starts another 10 day vacation, their total vacation length would be 17 days.

Players who have purchased a membership get 7 vacations or extensions per year. Players without a membership must earn their vacations by leveling up.

[edit] Vacations Honored

Game/tournament creators can disable use of vacations in their game by turning off the vacations honored setting.

[edit] Automatic Disable

If you play in a game, your vacation will automatically be scheduled to turn off in one hour. So make sure turning on vacation mode is the last thing you do before you leave. When returning from vacations, make sure you take all of your turns where you're over the boot time within one hour of each other.

You must leave all ladders before turning on vacation mode. If you re-join the ladder, your vacation will automatically scheduled to turn off in one hour, just as if you played in a game.

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