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If a player does not take their turn in a timely fashion, they can be booted out of the game so that the game can continue.

The game creator can set a "boot time" when creating the game that will determine how fast each player must take their turn to avoid getting booted. The boot time typically determines the pace of the game and how long a game will take to play.


[edit] Types of Booting

Warzone has three types of booting: vote-to-boot, direct-boot, and auto-boot. The game creator can specify different durations for each of these three.

[edit] Direct boot

If a player doesn't take their turn before the direct-boot time, they can be directly booted by any player.

[edit] Automatic boot

If a player doesn't take their turn before the automatic boot time, they are immediately booted from the game without requiring anybody to click the boot button.

[edit] Vote-to-boot

If a player doesn't take their turn before this time, players can vote to boot them. If all players that are still alive in the game vote, the player is booted.

In games with lots of players, it can be difficult to get everyone to vote, especially if the players don't know each other outside of the game. For these types of games, it's recommended to disable vote-to-boot.

It's also worth noting that, as players are eliminated, the game can eventually dwindle to the point where there are only two or three players remaining, at which time it becomes very easy to vote-to-boot. When this happens, the vote-to-boot time should be considered just as important as the direct-boot time.

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