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Seasonal Ladder is a kind of ladder which was announced by Fizzer on the 23rd of November, 2011[1]. Unlike the other ladders, which are never-ending grinds for top spot, the seasonal ladder is divided into a 60 days seasons, where each season will use different settings. The first season started on 9 December, 2011[2].


[edit] Games

Each player that plays in a season will get 20 games *, and will never play the same opponent more than once.

On the first day of a season, every player will get 4 games. Every 4 days after that, one more game is added until all players have 20 games. If a player joins the season late or leaves it early, they are not guaranteed to get 20 games. However, the ladder will try to catch them up with the crowd.

[edit] Force-finish

In order to ensure a winner can be declared and the rankings can be finalized, all games in a season must end by the ending date, which is exactly 60 days after it began. If a game isn't finished when the season ends, Warzone will immediately end it. The winner will be determined by adding up how many armies each player controls on the map, then adding in each player's income times two.

Players are expected to make a reasonable effort to finish a game before the season ends. If you try to intentionally win a game by force-finish that you would have otherwise lost, the win will be taken away from you.

[edit] Rankings

The rankings are determined using the same ELO scale that the existing ladders use, with one small modification, players who play fewer than 20 games (due to leaving the ladder early or joining late) get a penalty of 65 rating points per game. It’s best to join the season before it starts and stay in it for the whole 60 days to ensure you do not receive a penalty. The penalty exists to ensure that players can't get a game from the system by intentionally joining the season late and riding to a high-rank by getting a few lucky games.

[edit] Rules

A player may only play on the Seasonal Ladder with one account per season. Violations will be punished with a suspension on all implicated accounts.

Manipulation of the force-finish in the Seasonal Ladder is not allowed, and the use of vacations towards the end of a season leading to force-finish will be considered especially suspicious. Violations will be punished with a suspension. In egregious cases results may be modified, possibly resulting in the loss of games and/or trophies.

[edit] Notes

* - some players may get more games, since there are cases where it's not mathematically possible to give everyone exactly the same amount without duplicates. Getting more games is neither an advantage nor disadvantage.

[edit] List of winners

Season Winner Started
Season I Rubik87 12/9/2011
Season II PaniX 2/9/2012
Season III Rubik87 4/13/2012
Season IV Fizzer 6/19/2012
Season V professor dead piggy 8/21/2012
Season VI unknownsoldier 10/22/2012
Season VII fatality 1/2/2013
Season VIII Heyheuhei 3/5/2013
Season IX brisk • apex 5/7/2013
Season X The Duke of Ben 7/9/2013
Season XI Yeon 9/10/2013
Season XII Ruthless Bastard 11/12/2013
Season XIII Krzychu 1/15/2014
Season XIV Killua Zaoldyeck 3/31/2014
Season XV JV 6/10/2014
Season XVI Verzehrer 8/12/2014
Season XVII Gol D. Roger 11/4/2014
Season XVIII timon92 1/23/2015
Season XIX Rento 4/22/2015
Season XX Latnox 7/10/2015
Season XXI #Master [QB] 9/28/2015
Season XXII master of desaster 12/10/2015
Season XXIII Master Jz 2/11/2016
Season XXIV MisterT 5/16/2016
Season XXV timon92 8/15/2016
Season XXVI USA Biches 11/2/2016
Season XXVII master of desaster 1/9/2017
Season XXVIII Master of the Dead 3/13/2017
Season XXIX Master of the Dead 6/16/2017
Season XXX Rento 9/3/2017

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