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The 2 v 2 Ladder is a ladder that uses the Strategic 2 v 2 template.

To join the 2 v 2 ladder, see joining team ladders.

The 2 vs 2 has no set end and players try to get the biggest score and highest ranking they can. Games expire after 5 months at which point they cease to impact ratings.

[edit] Rules

A player may only play on a team ladder if there is no team consisting of the same players (not accounts) with unexpired games. They may join the ladder on a new team if at least one of their teammates is a new different player or if one or more of the players on the old team is not on the new team. Essentially, if the only difference between two teams is that a player has been replaced by an alt of the same player, then it is not considered to be a different team. Violations will be punished with a warning and then a suspension.

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