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The 1 v 1 ladder is a ladder that uses the strategic 1 v 1 template. The goal of the 1 v 1 ladder is to provide the most fun settings possible for 1v1. Although this usually correlates with reducing the luck factor as much as possible, the goal is not to remove luck completely.

The 1 v 1 ladder has no set end. Players must try to get as high as possible and maintain that score for as long as they can. Games expire after 5 months and cease to impact ratings.

To be ranked on the ladder, a player must have 20 unexpired games.

[edit] Rules

A player is not allowed to start playing on the 1v1 ladder with an account if they have another account with unexpired games. Games expire after 5 months. Violations will be punished with a warning and then a suspension.

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