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Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/12/2015 12:39:16

Level 55
I played the big new great Liverpool map with the suggested local deployment. Some thousand regions, many single-region-boni. When I first time had forgotten to deploy on one of them, I had to search 10 minutes to find the region where to put this damn two armies. When that happened next time, I stopped playing that game.

Why do I have to deploy all armies?
Why may I not discard them?

Instead of:
You must deploy...

I would like to see:
You have still some armies to deploy.
(button A) Deploy them
(button B) Discard them and end my turn

The same with cards - I was auto booted from a fast game because there was not enough time left to go back and throw away that useless card. Very annoying.

Now on uservoice:

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Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/12/2015 13:13:52

Level 59
A better solution to this problem would be to allow clicking on the (bonus name 0/X) section to highlight the bonus where the armies must go, which I've seen suggested before. I'll look for a uservoice link.

Realtime games can get tricky for many reasons like that, but that's just due to poor boot time settings.
Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/12/2015 13:28:23

Level 60
Yes, LD and real-time can be a challenge https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=8661146
Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/12/2015 13:29:47

Level 55
I disagree Judeburger, discarding is better. (And should be easier for implementation, too.)

It is better: In the end of a LD game you maybe do not want to deploy all armies, because the armies will not get to the frontier anymore. So it is stupid and useless work to deploy all the useless armies back there in the safe regions.

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Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/12/2015 17:22:15

Level 58
I had to search 10 minutes to find the region where to put this damn two armies

it tells you which region, so just search for it and it'll take you 10 seconds to find it. To search simply open menu>settings>SearchBonusesAndTerritories.

as for discarding a card, that shouldn't take more than 10 sec either, click "b", and then discard. If you feel there';s too little time, simply play with higher boot times. These tricks make it much quicker though ;)
Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/12/2015 19:30:24

Level 56
discarding is better.

How is having less armies on the map than the enemy a good thing? Yeah it might be LD but those armies could/will come in useful later on.

While I understand that at the end it can be a pain, maybe you should start playing with more respectable players who surrender. If you're at the point that you don't need the armies then the game should be over.

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Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/12/2015 21:24:34

Level 46
Simply discarding armies might cause "cheating" in games which have an army cap! "I'm almost at the cap... so let's forget about the armies all the way in the back, so I can keep deploying all armies at the front". (On a related note, I have suggested before there could be an option in army cap games to make armies "suicide".)

Instead of just discarding (which could cause issues, see above) a quick-and-dirty solution could be a "do it for me" button: let the AI (or the randomiser) decide where to deploy those armies exactly. Unfortunately, WL seems to be moving towards a strong preference for "no luck" games, in which case such an option won't work.
Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/13/2015 00:10:35

Level 60
i generally dislike LD so it's not such an issue for me since i rarely play those settings, but it does sound like something worth improving, i think someone suggested it before aswell. have you looked it up on uservoice or added it there yet?
Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/13/2015 00:19:16

Level 28
Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/13/2015 01:16:10

Level 55
Added it to uservoice now.

Thanks for all hints and all discussion.
Why must I ...? (end turn screen): 6/13/2015 01:26:01

M. Poireau
Level 55
One simple solution for local deployment-like play without the hassle of local deployment is what I call "Limited Deployment". Here's a thread about it, and a uservoice is linked in it:

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