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Clan: General Chou Frisé's Winter Wonderland Brigade

Number of members: 6
Tagline: CHARGE!
Created: 5/5/2015

We will fight you on the snow,
We will fight you on the go.
We will take up skis and spears,
We will feast and drink some beers.
Chou Frise's band fights anywhere,
In the plains or mountain air.
And if you doubt our lethal skill,
Your ugly mug we'll have to... make dead? Or something? Damn, almost rhymed. Oh well, maybe next time.


~ ~ ~--~ ~ ~

We are always open to new recruits! If you are sharp and want to play with other equally pointy players, invite Woswo or Judeburger to a strategic, multi-day game of some kind. You will be judged on the game you create and how well you play, not whether you win or lose.

Clan Member Title
Judeburger Ski Waxer
Woswo The Princess
nagromo The Hound
AXO 9mm
Puller Adkins Clint