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New Cards mechanic ideas: 4/20/2015 18:04:41

Level 57
1) I think it would be cool to have an option to be able to BUY card pieces for deployment armies.
This would allow some more advanced economy in the game!
(In local deployment, only the base income would count as currency)

2) It could be awesome to be able to gift cards to other player - this would give many more options to ffa games.

3) Some new cards ideas:
-Blocade braker: causes an a attack to multiply X times, then the armies are disbanded.
-Paratroopers: works like airlift, but can be dropped on enemy teritory.
-Bombardment: same like paratroopers, but the attacking armies become neutral.
-Economy boost: allows to multiply an income from a specified bonus.

also, as a game developer I would love to help to develop those and other new features to this game :)


Edited 4/21/2015 11:32:17
New Cards mechanic ideas: 4/20/2015 19:40:12

Level 58
Put them up on uservoice^^

I especially like the Blockade breaker idea
New Cards mechanic ideas: 4/20/2015 22:51:54

Level 60
Some of those have been suggested on uservoice.

Paratroopers for example. Also Airlift allowed to another player (or neutral) has been suggested.

I'm not sure what you mean by Buying cards? Use your income in game (armies) to trade for pieces?
New Cards mechanic ideas: 4/21/2015 11:31:15

Level 57
yes thats what i meant - instead (or together with) receiving cards for capturing teritories, you would be able to buy card pieces in cards window for your deployment armies.
This would be a little substitution for some economy/technical growth in the game.
New Cards mechanic ideas: 4/21/2015 13:02:30

Level 56
Allocate card pieces to a territory, the first player to capture it gets the pieces
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/7/2015 09:46:12

Daikon Anak
Level 53
War card to have 1 v 1 battles on a multiplayer game similar to diplo card preventing other players attacking waring players
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/7/2015 10:26:06

Level 46
The blockade breaker sounds like it would be a cool card, there aren't really many "offensive" cards besides reinforcement
Bombardment seems largely the same as abandon and blockade but it spends armies in the process
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/7/2015 12:17:42

Level 58
I rarely use cards in my own games, but 2 seems like a nice rule, that can make things very intresting.
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/9/2015 06:53:15

Dr. Evil
Level 43
Agreed. Some new cards could be fun.

Here's some I can think up on the spot, so imagine if we put so true thought into theses.

Blitzkrieg, gives you a multiple attack option. So if you kill the territory the armies continue on to the next territory in the same turn. -Cool in games without the multi attack option

Nuke. It kills bonus and makes it radioactive for 3 three turns. - Defensive or Offensive strategy

Predator missile, like the paratroops but kills a territory instantly. - takes a super bonus out of the picture for one turn

Iron Dome, prevents any cards form being played for a 2 turns or having a lasting effect. - So it'd kill diplomacy card if one was in affect or ruin somebody's reenforcement card. Also be smart to play right before getting a huge bonus

Insurgency, makes player own territory look like a neutral. - Great for making an escape or having a piece of land look incognito in a heavy traffic area.

PsyOps, makes a army look larger then they really are. - Scare people from attacking or scare them form defending.

Guerrilla Warfare, opponent gets notified next turn all 1 army territories will be run over and taken back to neutral. - Forces a player to use his income where he wouldn't want to

The Deserter, player can switch lowest income teammate with the other teams lowest income opponent in multiplayer games. - just a dirty card all around

Custers Last Stand, kills any armies that attack it's bonus for one turn. - defensive card.

Cyber Warfare, cause one order for every opponent to go haywire for a turn. So instead of a plus 8 on spot A it goes to spot C or instead of spot A attacking spot B
Spot G attack spot H.
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/9/2015 13:57:14

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Guys all your ideas would totally ruin the game and would make Warlight from a strategy/luck game to a luck massacre. The cards are fine as they are right now. I just hope the developers dont listen to you guys.
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/9/2015 14:12:00

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Agreed with cauda...most of those cards are either far too powerful or would outright ruin the game.
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/9/2015 14:27:32

Level 59
^^^^ Correct

But that's why when you make games you can select which cards to pick and which to not pick. Sanction card can be OP. Abandon card can be OP. Spy Card can be OP

Edited 5/9/2015 14:28:09
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/9/2015 14:54:50

[NL] Emillio
Level 55
That's right Benjamin. Wether cards are OP or not depends purely upon the game creator. If he decides to make a Sanctions Card that lowers a players income by 80% for 3 turns, that would be OP, but that's his choice. If he decides to let that card lower your income for just 5%, that's also his choice. Same counts for all the other ajustable cards.

As for Idea number 1: I don't think that will work. It will only make the strongest player even stronger than he already is while the rest won't stand a chance.

So, Usher, I like ideas number 2 and 3, there's nothing wrong with them!
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/9/2015 18:16:31

Dr. Evil
Level 43
I hate cards. But at the beginning I looved them. The noobs will love cards, and if you dont like card games dont play them.
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/9/2015 20:42:59

Level 62
BUY card pieces for deployment armies

I found this on About (https://www.warlight.net/About): "No microtransactions: WarLight won't let you buy your way to a victory like other free-to-play games. You win or lose WarLight games based on your strategy, not your wallet."
New Cards mechanic ideas: 5/9/2015 20:56:46

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Dan, did you even read what you quoted? Buy with DEPLOYMENT ARMIES, not with money
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