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Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/14/2015 04:44:28

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
So I understand that Random Move Order is... random... hahaha...

well, as random as a computer algorithm can create...

but is there some reason that the Random Move Order has to wait until after I/we submit our orders to decide who will go first?

Also, it appears that sometimes the game tells me my Random Move Order during deployment,

(the way that I want it to) and sometimes it doesn't...

and then I don't find out my move order until I click Watch Turn.

^^^ Royally ****es me Off.

Not sure if there is a bug in there, or not,
but it would be next to impossible to decide when to use many of the various cards if we are not supposed to know our move order until after the armies have died. :P

Thanks in advance for any constructive help that the community provides. :)
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/14/2015 05:16:20

Level 55
True skill is cyclic - so it tells you the order you will move in. You can also select cyclic moves with other luck options.

So in short it always tells you your move if you have cyclic turns on. And never does when you don't.
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/14/2015 05:22:09

Level 56
As Ska mentioned, it showing you is a setting. It never shows you in games with random move order.
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/15/2015 01:43:55

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Now I'm more confused. :P
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/15/2015 01:50:40

Level 60
Does this clear things up?

Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/15/2015 01:58:23

Level 58
in a 1v1 the Orders will always be ABBAABBAABB...

Random move order means that for each turn it is random who gets first order (A).
Cyclic means that after the first turn it goes in a cycle, in a 1v1 it'll be like this:
Once you know for certain the turn order, hovering the pointer over the question mark on the left will show it.
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/15/2015 04:12:42

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
TBest, I have read that page more times than I care to count, and no... it doesn't answer my present question.

Atm, I get no reference to move order in either of my present games, outside of the settings page:



I think I did in the past for one or the other,
I checked my player settings, but I don't see anything related to move order at all, displaying it or otherwise... no question mark link on the left hand side, nothing outside of the settings page. :(

Edited 4/15/2015 04:58:24
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/15/2015 04:41:30

Level 44
Dublin Warrior,
It probably doesn't show the move order, because that option was created after the auto-games were created. When those were created, Random order was the only actual move order... which doesn't tell you who will go first.
If you're ever in wonder of this, there is a workaround.. Click the settings, go to the template used, go to create a new game with that templete, and instead customize the template and view the move order..
Doing this, we see these games are created using the random move order.

the cyclic move order was created to make games a greater test of skill, and less about RNG.. *something I highly disagree with, since war has factors involved which are not at the direct control of the general, and the randomness that fizzer initially had simulated that quite well*
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/15/2015 04:49:54

Level 56
@Dublin, open the settings pages for those games.

Move order: Random

is under the Armies section.

Any game with that will never show who gets first order because it is randomly determined each turn. Only games where it is pre-determined will it tell you. It's a setting that you choose when creating a game.
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/15/2015 04:59:21

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
Yea, sorry, I edited my post...

So now that I'm past the first move, I still don't get any indication of who moves next... :P

I thought that Move Order: Random

would randomly pre-determine the move order before the deployment phase of each turn...

and then tell us players so that we could plan out our moves for that turn...

with the possibility that we'd go 3 or 5 turns with one person or team getting the same move order...

I guess I will just avoid those games in the future...

Edited 4/15/2015 05:17:02
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/15/2015 10:57:27

Level 60
the main purpose of random move order is not letting everyone know their position in the turn beforehand
Random Move Order... confuses me: 4/19/2015 04:41:20

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
So, order cards in a random move order game are worthless?

Or worth more coin than most people will ever see?
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