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Why the hate on multi-attack?: 3/26/2015 20:47:55

Level 60
It's so much more enjoyable than local deployments. And yet, not one single seasonal ladder has featured multi-attack, despite there being. . . . I forget how many seasons with LD. It's underrepresented and it's about time we had a multi-attack season. Pleaz.
Why the hate on multi-attack?: 3/26/2015 21:15:29

#Master [QB] 
Level 62
+1, exactly my opininon!

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Why the hate on multi-attack?: 3/26/2015 22:15:25

Level 60
The reason is local deployment was at one point a new feature and basically any new feaature (ld, no-split etc.) gets a seasonal ladder template however bad it may be. If there was to ba a multiattack template I think it'd be required that the community works on it before season. Frankly if Fizzer wanted to make a multiattack template by himself I'd be very afraid of the end result. The idea itself is good, if we were to get a green light from Fizzer on a seasonal ladder me and some folkd from template makers club would work on a MA template.
Why the hate on multi-attack?: 3/26/2015 22:35:59

Level 54
template makers club

There's a club?
Why the hate on multi-attack?: 3/26/2015 23:33:43

Level 60
easier to hustle with multi on

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Why the hate on multi-attack?: 3/26/2015 23:33:59

Master Turtle 
Level 61
There was a Multi Attackers League a while back.....
Why the hate on multi-attack?: 3/27/2015 02:36:14

M. Poireau
Level 55
A lot of people don't like Multi-Attack because it makes deploying all your armies in one spot and stomping on your opponents a prevailingly powerful strategy. (Which is still true without Multi-Attack enabled, mind you...)

I find that, with the proper settings, though, multi-attack games are far, far more interesting than regular games. Wastelands and blockades are a good fit, as well as anything which restricts your ability to deploy. Local Deployments is one good option.

An easier and simpler solution I outline here:


I've tested it in about 50 games, and it's by far my favourite way to play Warlight. Regular games are a drag in comparison.
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