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Multi Account Players: 2/28/2015 18:46:51

Level 13
Hey there

Im pretty new to this game and played only a couple of games now but Im finding more and more games where one team is taken by multiple accounts of the same player.
Two examples:
The United Color games. One player plays 8 Accounts named: Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Black and Yellow
Right now i found two games named with "2 Day Auto" with one team filled by Táltos, and Netty. Both same lvl, same country and same reaction times.

I think its really unfair if one player plays a "Teamgame". Guess everyone can predict who would win those games... Is it allowed to create multiple accounts to play with in the same games??

Greets Lucky
Multi Account Players: 2/28/2015 19:13:00

Level 61
It is against the rules.

Multi Account Players: 2/28/2015 19:18:31

Level 57
He meant that one team was played by one player what isn't against the rules.
Multi Account Players: 2/28/2015 19:25:05

Level 58
MultiAccount in FFA: not ok
MultiAccount in coin games: not ok
MultiAccount on same team: ok
MultiAccount on different teams: not ok

At least that is my understanding of it.

Edit: You could always blacklist the accounts you don't want to play with FYI.

Edited 2/28/2015 19:39:09
Multi Account Players: 2/28/2015 19:37:31

Level 59
^ multi-account in coin games: making illegal money -> illegal in most countries
Multi Account Players: 2/28/2015 20:05:11

Level 60
Multi Account Players: 2/28/2015 22:03:54

Level 13
Yes i meant that one player is playing one team. But you dont need to create a teamgame if you want to play alone right?
You always have an advantage if the others have to communicate to play in team. You simply avoid the risks of a team of unknown peaple that there is always someone who leaves or likes to play in an other way you agreed with your team.
Multi Account Players: 3/1/2015 01:10:34

Level 53
I have beaten Taltos and Netty...

And I think, I say I think, It is Okay to use alts if everyone in the game is you. I don't know for sure.

Edited 3/1/2015 01:11:41
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