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Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/11/2024 15:47:53

Level 26
Background and information

Mylf Busters is a clan dedicated to clan war. Founded by BlackMoustache and co., our main objective is to spice up clan war. It is boring to watch the same team lose over, and over, and we decided to change that. In the spirit of competition, a community of the worst warzone has to offer has been culminated. Spearheaded by players like BlackMoustache, YappiWindow, Gatherer , Some.One, and others, it is truly a display of ineptitude! We exclude side projects like a Rise of Rome discord channel, game reviews, and personal one-on-one training games. We are unfriendly and do tolerate toxic and immature behavior.

Play with the worst, become the worst!
We are searching for old amateurs, we have about 31-ish empty roster slots. We also need to get more retirees constantly, so always feel free to mail me or comment on the thread if you are interested! We will be accepting everybody, but we will reject quite a few. 🙂

● No Coins
● Elitist Strategic Community (but not elite wink)
● Unreliable Teammates for Multi-Day Games
● Boring, Quiet, Inactive Clan Chat & Discord

● Yearly Play
● Relationship With Future Member/Recommendation
● That's About It!

Please comment on this thread, and don't mail one of the following accounts:
https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=75156046146 -- RestTHEM
https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=47156033131 -- BlackMoustache
https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=9733643221 -- Tac(ky)tical

Alts are welcome, but you may not double account in clan war. This means if you play clan war on your alt, you cannot play on your other accounts.

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Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/11/2024 16:44:05

Level 57
Deja Vu
Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/11/2024 20:28:10

Morg'th N H'Throg
Level 59
So if she is 60 but never had kids, does it still count as Milf?

Asking for a friend.
Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/15/2024 17:22:07

Level 56
This is the clan I was waiting for

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Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/15/2024 17:28:59

Level 61
Tacky is among the cutest warzoners!
Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/15/2024 21:18:17

Level 26
Would be nice to have some terrible people joining us.
We cant really play to lose with 9/40 against 40/40 but if we had a full team I always believe the skill should beat us even if we have a really good setup with low participation and stupid play stacking two templates where we will lose the most.

What I see is that our small community is not fun to be a part of.
I get to know old annoying people who happen to be really bad in Warlightgames which overall is a good combination.

Hope to see some unfamiliar nicknames approaching us in the near future.
If not for this season then maybe the next :)
Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/20/2024 03:07:15

Doctor K 
Level 61

Doctor K Approves of this Clan!
Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/20/2024 08:26:05

Level 65
I wouldn't like to apply.

My biggest accomplishments:
- First Lynx player to lose 10 consecutive games to Joi
- Repeatedly nominated for "most boring man alive" (never won)
- Overall rated one star on Google reviews.

If you wouldn't like me as a clanmate, don't reach out to me.
Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/20/2024 08:56:28

Level 26
Those achievements are an outstanding match for us! But accomplishments alone aren't enough when they aren't accompanied by sufficient inactivity.
Most of our clan members haven't caught a single timeslot last season, but unfortunately we were still too active and just barely missed last place. We are looking to change that going forward!
Mylf Busters are recruiting!: 5/20/2024 09:55:15

Level 65
In that regard, I am already a valuable member of your community. I haven't played a single CW game for Mylf Busters in my entire life!
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