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Clan: After_Dark

Number of members: 36
Link: Clan Español (Mexican version of this clan)
Created: 12/20/2014

Bio: ==========[100]=========
[100], also known as the "100 best players of Warzone", is a competitive Warlight community and Outlaws's twin clan. Known for its leading role in the invasion of France in 1940, the 100 are hailed for their high level of dextrosity and tactic strategy.

Why [100]? Joining us means you're one of the best! If you think you got what it takes, you can message one of our subclans (Lynx, Outlaws, Warzone Staff, and DARKLORDS) to see if you can get into the lower levels, but we don't let just anyone in. You can also directly apply here but if we win then we'll permanently post your loss in the HALL OF HUMILIATED ULTRALOSERS on clan forum. We played in the CL8 (cleight). We don't usually play in tournaments and ladders because we're winners already, no need to play ladders. Our members are very elitist, elite, good, and better than you! You'll be encouraged to be inevitably humiliated by us in all of our games.

We highly encourage you to join us on the Discord we have with our 4 subclans to get intellectually and socially humiliated as well.

♿If you believe you're 1 of the 100 best, make a strategic game with Juq!♿

Former [100] whose are outdated:

Darklordio [101]
Onoma94 [194]
Fisser [483]

- The 102nd Mario Clanwar is a 102v100 clan war system currently being developed by Fisser and Marker letting players sign and get games automatically made for them.
- Mariozone Staff league: everyday Fizzer posts some lame ass auto game on open games called "Map of the Week" and we play on it.

25: Get #1 on the national Israeli QM and then change your username to "ZIONISTS GET OUT OF PALESTINE"
25: Get #1 on the national Serb QM and then change your username to "KOSOVO IS NOT SERBIA XD"
25: Get #1 on national Ukrainian QM and change your username to "Crimea is not Ukrainian. LOL !!"
25: Get #1 on any national Arab-country QM and then change your username to "MOHAMMED WAS A PEDOPHILE"

Clan Member Title
MightySpeck (a Koala) [24]
Sir Tigerius [98]
Shredtail2 [22]
Glowtwo [2]
Spider-Man42 [42]
RameurA [81]
Lightning McQueen [3]
Жұқтыру [1]
MattaM [61]
Scorpios47 [47]
tg [75]
KC [45]
waffle wide web [7]
FDR [100]
Captain Monkey [26]
Sevban [35]
Gushthecool [8]
Arabian [88]
sanmu the shamu2 [0]
Kymblc [15]
Патица Чудачица [4]
Lieutenant Lemur [66]
Shred's Robot Servant Mk.1 [99]
Nicola Rosiko [21]
tom-tom72 [72]
dropperello [44]
Ronnoc1o9 [19]
Juno-106 [6]
D̑̔̓e̱̅ͥͅa͈̪ͣ͘͞ṭh̨̟̼̀ͩ [12]
Padfootbuster [30]
Darwin [10]
Gingerbolt [5]
Gorem [37]