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Clan: After_Dark

Number of members: 9
Link: https://musescore.com/pcarmich/hungarian-dance-no-2
Tagline: Cut one head off, two more will take its place!
Created: 12/20/2014

Bio: ============================[MASTER HUNTER CLAN]===============
You are either one of us or against us! We are a group of competitive and semi competitive WarLight players aiming to carry the boardgame feeling of playing risk with friends over to the online WarLight game. The MASTER HUNTER Clan is where all the guys who hate the MASTERS Clan come together to kick butt! We are a friendly fun, but still skilled group of players.

Supreme Leader: Juqtırw

Set up a game with Juqtırw if interested in joining.

Past Members:

Major General Smedley Butler
Member benefits:
- Clan chat game + Skype group to find reliable players or someone to chat
- Game play analysis
- Clan events (below)

- A Promotion/Relegation League using the Texas 2ag2 template.
- The MARIO Crown League is a 1v1 CLOT currently being developed by Muli and knyte allowing players to sign up and have games automatically created for them
- The 6 FFA Aesthetic Earth league a inter-clan 6 FFA CLOT slated to begin later in 2017, message GE or Derfellios if you want to participate. The current plan is to run the league via Discord and a bot. Discord participation is recommended.
- Clan Ligue 8 (Cleight)

To join MASTER HUNTERS you must have:

- Low boot rate (8%)
- Be an active player (Must login at least every 40 days (sometimes you gotta do Jesus stuff))
- Good 1v1/2v2/3v3 Stats (over 65%)
- Good Ladder Stats

Contact Juqtırw if:
- You wish to set up a cross-clan event
- You wish to join the clan

Hail Mario!

Below are listed the assignments of each MASTER to bully. I suggest a FULLSCALE SPAM ATTACK.

Clan Member Title
zxctycxz [Ollie Bye] Master Atom ◆Elite◆
Lightning McQueen
Жұқтыру LeQuébécois_Benoit
FDR Master Bjarke
Gushthecool Master Ryiro
Shred's Robot Servant Mk.1 Timinator • apex
kiciuś =^.^= PRAWDZIWA FELIDIA!! Master Jz
Juno-106 Xenophon
Darwin master of desaster