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Resurrecting Owl Dragoons: 1/15/2024 22:36:06

Level 54
Hey all, I have recently been given the power to recruit new members to my clan, Owl Dragoons but I'm unsure about how to go about it.
Owl Dragoons is primarily focused on diplomacy games, but occasionally will do other types of games.
Any help with recruiting is greatly appreciated, and to anyone who wants to join, just ask and I'll answer any questions you may have.
Resurrecting Owl Dragoons: 1/17/2024 00:21:44

Level 60
My recommendation for recruiting for diplo clans would be to PM people that you've played diplos with and ask. The diplo community doesn't seem to be super active on the forums, so directly chasing people in games is often more effective.

Edited 1/17/2024 00:21:54
Resurrecting Owl Dragoons: 1/26/2024 11:15:38

Level 59
gl with that saxyboy, I used to be there, wish you the best
Resurrecting Owl Dragoons: 2/14/2024 02:50:56

Dublin Warrior 
Level 57
Replying to LND's post:
Messaging/Recruiting Unaffiliated Players, (players without a clan), is good.
Messaging /Recruiting Players who are already in a clan is generally frowned upon, as those players already have a home,
and if they want a new home, they will start looking on their own.

(As I arrived in Warzone straight from a cutthroat kings-of-chaos type mmorpg where resource piracy was rule 1, this was an important lesson, and I am grateful to have stumbled upon it before I needed to know.)

Replying to SaxyBoi's post:
First, I wish you success in your recruiting, as in growing your clan, I believe that you grow and support the Warzone community,
and that's good for all of us.
Second, I'm going to offer some advice which has *not* always been somewhat obvious, but is now, because someone else helped me:

Recruiting, especially for specific skills, interests, and whatever takes a focused approach.
LND's post did lay out the basic idea:
recruiting people that you want to be in your clan by going to where they are, and engaging them in conversation, discussion, etc...


the long version:

If you/clanmates win, or do well in a diplomacy game,
your street cred and that of your clan as a place to learn and share the enjoyment of diplomacy games goes up.

If you/clan run a diplomacy game well as the host, (the rules are clear, but not onerous, your decisions are fair, etc.),
your street cred goes up leaps and bounds... (it's an extremely tough job.)

...Scenario Creator... same... not as emotionally taxing as being host/judge, but often in combination with such... again, major cred...

If you are a good storyteller, (the crowning of a monarch, marriage of a monarch, good story starters), more cred...
If you handle your emotions and your reactions well when someone stabs you in the back, again, more street cred...
If you form alliances well, lead others well, engage well in subterfuge/social deception... more cred...
If you apologize well, either because you lost your cool, or simply because the social deception in any diplo game can be overwhelming sometimes and you see the need to smooth things over, again, street cred.

If you *lose* to an unaffiliated player: reach out to learn from them, seek their advice... people like giving advice, being helpful, making new friends, etc... [points at self :))) ]

That's all for now, I know it was a lot, but there's a lot to it. :D
Resurrecting Owl Dragoons: 2/14/2024 03:30:21

Level 54
that advice is very helpful and much appreciated
Resurrecting Owl Dragoons: 2/14/2024 05:21:27

Level 10
Cool. :)

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Resurrecting Owl Dragoons: 2/14/2024 05:22:33

Dublin Warrior 
Level 57
You are very welcome.
My clan is also trying to boost it's diplo-game cred, and while I am not much of a diplomacy gamer myself,

we do have a sizable contingent of players who would be up for joining a diplomacy game,
perhaps even hosting, or assisting in some larger capacity, like scenario creation, etc,
so feel free to mail me with diplomacy games and I can post them in our clan chat and help you fill it up. :)
Resurrecting Owl Dragoons: 2/14/2024 05:22:45

Level 54
poach Hi back
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