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Clan: Owl Dragoons

Number of members: 64
Link: Ask for the discord invite link from any clan member
Tagline: Casual clan for improvement & diplomacy games
Created: 7/6/2016

Bio: Clan requirements:

1. Level 20+
2. Account older than 1 month
3. Be able to read
4. Interest in improving & or playing diplomacy games & tournaments.
5. Invite Gish to a game.
Failure to meet or do any one of these requirements will result in retraction of invitation to the clan & or booting.

Requirements to remain in the clan:

1. The player has joined the discord & met the criteria in the discord.
2. Has a boot rate under or between 0 & 25%
3. Is active, as in, the player has been last seen within 10 days. Players who have been inactive for more than 10 days & are not original members will be placed on probation with the title of (10). If the player has not returned in a total of 15 days they will be removed unless they’re original members.
4. The player is active in either tournaments, diplomacy games, clan events, & or a game creator.
5. Contributes to the clan in some way shape or form that is clear.
6. Players can be removed by co leaders through vote among the co leaders.

New members will have the temporary title of (10). All members have 10 days to meet at least (2) of the requirements failure to do so will result in removal. Members with this title will be checked on every Sunday.
Removal of original members must be shared with Gish or co leader(s).
Original members can earn the title of “legacy” if they have to leave for an extended amount of time or have disappeared. For all other members who need to leave for an extended period of time they will earn the title of “away” & will be removed in 60 days.

1 point for joining the tournaments (monthly)
1 point for joining diplomacy games regularly (monthly)
1 point for meeting all the clan requirements
1 point for having a 0% boot rate
1 point for being last seen in under 1 day

Ranks= 1,2,3,4,5. Earning all 5 points is the highest rank.

Tourney podium winners earn a πŸ‘‘(maximum of 3)

King Elias
Duke Alex
The Noob

Requests & other information send mail to Gish or Co leaders.
Original members have a πŸ¦‰ as a distinction.

Clan Member Title
Skapis9999 (10)
Gish Founder(5)πŸ¦‰
NorthPenguin, EOP (4)
πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΈTheNoob πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έ ThePalestinian(4) πŸ‘‘
Dragon DRÅGÓN (5)πŸ¦‰
Shiraz Chokshi (3)πŸ¦‰
JuniorGiant (4) πŸ‘‘
Duke Alex DUKE (5)
Onche ! (3)
Kriegshäuptling (1)
LastHit (2)
[Panda] James (3)
19Bran (3)
player (2)πŸ¦‰
Loxiiv (4)πŸ¦‰
zargon (3)
The_RED_Scourge (3)
Magenta Knight (10)
CraddleMe (10)
Nice to eat you (3)
Sniper (3)πŸ¦‰
White Knight (3)
Knight (5)πŸ¦‰
King Elias Co-leader(4)πŸ¦‰
Literally Saxony (3)
Dark Knight (1)
Lukewarmsoup SUPREME SOUP (3)πŸ¦‰
Commander_Etrius (10)πŸ¦‰
Mother Theresa (1)
Max Scherzer (2)
(Team USA) The One and Only King Gen.Grant
Ares (1)
Bobby (2)
SaxyBoi (2)
Neverdeverd (3)
Duinhil IV. (2)πŸ¦‰
That Serb! Bogatyr M70 (1)
klumsy one (1)
kubameister09 (2)
... (3)
Iliz23 (10)
PyroPerfect (1)
Hyde Boy lover (1)πŸ¦‰
yeniceri34 (4)
Von Grumby (2) πŸ¦‰
Bjorn (1)πŸ¦‰
Neplaynian Confederacy (2)
Oliver Giles
Deenknight (10)πŸ¦‰
Subtomypodplease (2)
oofer_gang (2)πŸ¦‰
Lee (2)
Dr.Disrespect my wife (1)
Ettie102 (1)
JackZ-420 (10)
The Fourth Reich (10)
SubpotentCoffee (1)πŸ¦‰
Franjo TuΔ‘man (10)