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Unique Scenario: Creativity and Tactics: 5/25/2023 03:22:33

M. Poireau 
Level 56

During the pandemic, I created an exciting and unique single-player scenario. Quite unlike anything else I've seen in Warlight/Warzone. It requires a lot of creativity and tactical smarts, as well as being a bit of a puzzle.

This scenario got an incredible amount of love back in the day. See the original writeup here:


If you'd like to experience a really unique single-player scenario which rewards a lot of thought and creative tactics, go try it!

Click this link to play:


It will probably require many attempts, because there is a lot to learn. (Including a little trick which involves slightly rewriting the DNA code for the antivirus to "optimize" it... I'll leave it at that.) However, each try will be much easier, as you learn the scenario and its unusual features. It's not actually a difficult scenario, once you learn it, and can be won every time.

To get the most out of it, however, and to play it as intended, you need to use a (self-imposed) Deployment Limit.

What does this mean? The Deployment Limit means you cannot ever deploy more than 10 armies in any given territory on any given turn.

This means that all your "Deploy" orders should look like this, no larger:

Of course, you can do this every turn, building up large armies.

Deployment Limits exist as a mod for Warlight/Warzone, but aren't supported as a native setting. So you will have to self-enforce this limit yourself when you play.

Of course, you can play without it, but that makes the scenario much easier and also much less interesting.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think! Most of the cleverness here, of course, should be credited to the map designer (Tenemide), but I think I made quite an interesting scenario out of the map they created.

Edited 5/25/2023 03:24:50
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