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Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/2/2020 03:05:57

M. Poireau 
Level 55
About four years ago, I put together a really well-beloved single player scenario.

The premise was that you were survivors trapped in a hospital in the middle of a city overrun by zombies.

The zombies are slow and aimless - they wander around without a real goal in mind until they spot humans. The humans, however, have access to multi-attack, which represents their ability to outrun and outthink the zombie menace.

People loved the scenario, and it was a truly unusual and unique experience to play, quite unlike anything on Warzone/Warlight.

You can read about it here, in the original thread:


Looking it over, I am once again blown away by the love it received from Warzone/Warlight players.

Unfortunately, when the game got updated, and the AI got the ability to use multi-attack, the scenario became unplayable. So it has been sitting, unplayed, for all this time.

However, I realized that there is a way to make it work, after all! Unfortunately, it requires for you to be a member, because the only way to make it work is by using a mod.

So, finally, here it is! A new an updated version which works for Warzone's current state.


The only hitch is that there was no way to do very cleanly:

You have to play a Reconaissance card in order to activate your multi-attack ability, so you will be getting one each turn. However, one of the main challenges of the game is dealing with a complex map which is really tricky to explore. Therefore, the rule is this:

* Each turn, you must play a Reconaissance card on the central hospital (where you start).
* If you are able to play a second Reconaissance card the same turn, feel free to use it anywhere you want (but watch out - you don't want to risk running out of them!).

You'll have to apply this rule yourself, via the honour system.

Nevertheless, I feel the scenario is interesting enough and special enough that it's worth the effort to get it "online" again!

Play it and tell me what you think!
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/2/2020 03:08:55

M. Poireau 
Level 55
Here is the original writeup for the scenario:


"If you've been playing Warlight for a long time and would like to experience a new kind of challenge, check out this scenario:

This has been my favourite single-player experience on Warlight thus far, and will tax your creativity, tactics, and resourcefulness in ways you likely haven't experienced before.

I created this challenge for Hallowe'en, but it took me a while to iron out the kinks. Now it is finally ready for the public.

The experience is more like playing a thematic boardgame than a regular game of Warlight. If you're looking for an unusual and really exciting single-player game, give this a try:



One mad, incomprehensible day, everything you have ever known is turned upside down, screaming and kicking. Civilization as we know it appears to have collapsed - you no longer have internet access, phone service, transportation... nothing.

You wake up staring at a blood-streaked ceiling at the hospital. The city is eerily quiet, except for a few gunshots and screams in the distance. It seems likely that your small group might be the only people who survived the Disaster.

Around you, the bodies of the dead, crashed cars, and pools of rotting blood and flesh litter the entire city.

To survive, you will need to explore the city to find resources, and start researching an antivirus to the mutagen which has turned the dead in the streets into shambling, flesh-eating monsters.

Much of the city is now being overrun by the slow, hungry, walking dead. They are numerous but you can easily outsmart and outrun them. (Zombies move slowly through the city, but you can run - by using multi-attacks - to escape when they approach.) However, the virus is mutating rapidly, so time is not on your side.

This is nothing like your typical Warlight game... be prepared to explore the city, be surprised, and give some thought to figuring out how to prosper in this map. Good luck!

Regular Warlight tactics might not serve you here: you will have to figure out how the map works, and what resources you need - food, water, electricity, weapons... - so you can increase your production. (Hint: You must research an antivirus from the hospital as you explore the city, and find resources in the order they appear in the DNA helix.)

Can you find a way to rebuild civilization before the hordes of the dead overrun the city?

You'll probably need to clear the research wing of the hospital first...


1. Multi-attack is enabled, as are a number of cards. This represents your human speed and ingenuity - use them to outsmart the zombies.
2. Blockade cards are particularly powerful, to help you build barricades against the encroaching walking dead.
3. The city is in terrible shape - many streets and buildings are broken down or covered in debris, so be careful as you explore (there are small wastelands strewn all over the map, and, in particular, they hold back the progress of research).

4: *** To enjoy the scenario, do NOT look at it before you play. There are many surprises, and not knowing what's going is part of the fun. ***

5. I think using a "deployment limit" is absolutely key to playing the scenario, as well. (Without it, it is too easy.) When I play the scenario, I do not allow myself to deploy more than 10 armies on any given territory on any given turn. This makes the whole cat and mouse game with the zombies far more interesting!

If you get a chance to play, please comment here!

Be prepared to run for your life for the first 10 turns or so... the walking dead are everywhere.
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/12/2020 01:58:43

M. Poireau 
Level 55
I'm curious if anyone has tried this. It's unfortunate that it's limited to Members only, of course.

In theory, though, a Member can create it as a multi-player game, putting themselves in an empty spot somewhere, and surrender on the first turn.
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/13/2020 15:40:27

Level 33
Well I am not a member and would like to try it.
I have purchased the strategy pack if that helps
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/13/2020 22:50:14

Level 60
The scenario is fun and interesting. Also quite unique. The main drawback is the AI's being slow as Multiattack is turned on.

It absolutely deserves more attention.
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/14/2020 22:06:18

M. Poireau 
Level 55
Thanks, TBest!

With the mod (hopefully) fixed, I can put Reinforcement cards back in, to make the scenario more challenging again.

I find it quite fascinating how the design of the map allowed me to create some AIs which are dangerous early in the game, but do not gain production, and another which grows in power as the game progresses.
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/14/2020 22:14:46

M. Poireau 
Level 55

I can see if I can make a multi-player version of it, for the two of us to play. Would you be interested in that?
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/15/2020 01:35:33

Level 59
i would be interested for 2 player tho it would have to be today (saturday) and rt.
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/17/2020 05:45:43

M. Poireau 
Level 55
I couldn't do that today, but in the future, perhaps it would be possible. I don't usually play real-time.
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/17/2020 09:21:33

Level 33
I could do two player but would one player be better especially if I come to it blind
I think you can set up a game for others and just remove yourself from the list of players
Creativity and Tactics: the Zombie Apocalypse: 2/17/2020 11:38:47

Level 33
does it have to be real time
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