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What's the strategy for SAsc?: 3/16/2023 06:09:09

Level 59
what's the best long term idle strategy
ive already heard of saving IM and SL powers for SAsc levels
and focusing on artifacts rather than AP

what else

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What's the strategy for SAsc?: 3/16/2023 07:29:33

Level 61
and focusing on artifacts rather than AP

Instead of that, I would say that a balance between the two is good. Though perhaps that's because I use a different strategy from most other people who SAsc a lot. (I have never played Hex Earth, while others seem to mainly rely on Hex Earth for AP)
What's the strategy for SAsc?: 3/17/2023 13:38:52

Level 58
Get decent artis(and the ability to keep them), to the point where you can play any level in a reasonable amount of time, do a lot of 25% AP SAsc to get SAscs faster, do a lot of faster digging SAsc, so that you can get a leg arti during 1 SAsc, get more arti slots when needed and start grinding ins artis, then more 25% APs so you can SAsc daily, then get a +100AP SAsc every day for ~3 years and beat the game.
What's the strategy for SAsc?: 3/24/2023 12:29:52

Level 57
Somewhat to competing theories, build artifacts to get a faster start at the beginning or focus on +25 APs to reduce the time overall time. For me, it comes down to play style and those long levels at the begin make me want to focus on artifacts.
What's the strategy for SAsc?: 3/30/2023 16:02:06

Level 62
It's definitely all about the artifacts, b/c that's all you take with you when you SAsc

Don't focus on upgrading Advancements beyond what's necessary to get to P4 100k, b/c it all goes away, and the more you SAsc, the quicker you re-SAsc, the quicker you re-lose everything but artis

Getting your choice artis to Insane is the goal, everything else is transient, so everything you do should be aligned to that goal
What's the strategy for SAsc?: 3/30/2023 16:04:24

Level 60
So you're saying buying 20ish spring bundles is the best strategy?
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