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Never Used Artifacts: The Army Cache: 2/12/2023 18:49:42

Level 61
Follow-up from https://www.warzone.com/Forum/673615-never-used-artifacts-field-hospital.

In today's show, I want to present you the (active) Army Cache artifact, which I regrettably got from a raffle.

It gives you armies for free - but the amount is so laughably small that it is not worth using it. There is a popup, but it closed before I could make a screenshot. Probably because it was embarrassed itself.

But I noted the Army cache amounts before and after the use, so I can tell you:
* Army production 14k/s
* Total armies from caches (before): 432.3958M
* Total armies from caches (after): 436.5041M
* Total armies from that cache artifact - yes you won't believe it - is 4.1083M armies!!!

Never Used Artifacts: The Army Cache: 2/12/2023 19:05:16

Level 62
Indeed, it's a useless artifact. At Poor level, it's 10% of the size of the army component of a normal FC power - which we all know is uselessly small. Could even go so far to say that most of the time, not worth using w/o a SAC first activated, and really only approaches true usefulness when you have 2-3 SACs going and drop a SP FC.

Even the 500% FC at end of CW seasons is useless, so nevermind 10%. Leg gets you 320%, Insane 640% ... still in the ballpark of the useless 500% FC.

So same idea, the Insane version could be mildly useful if you dropped a few SACs first - but you'll probably still end up being disappointed.
Never Used Artifacts: The Army Cache: 2/14/2023 05:27:40

Tulsi 2020 
Level 61
I have to wonder how it would preform on the levels unlocked after super assentation where cashes are super important. I can beat hexed earth 100% from cashes, and there are only like 5 of them in the whole level. Depending on how it's implemented it could be more useful than the inspire mercenaries artifact.
Never Used Artifacts: The Army Cache: 2/14/2023 11:36:40

Level 25
The active cache artifacts don't synergize with any caches in the level. For that you would need the passive cache artifacts, rather.

Edited 2/14/2023 11:36:54
Never Used Artifacts: The Army Cache: 2/14/2023 11:47:44

Level 60
That would be the army cache *boost* that Tulsi is talking about, if I am able to understand what they are saying correctly.
That gives you 8% at rare (with my rare ACacheB), which is quite good.

But otto is talking about the Army Cache artifact, which is almost more useless than FB.

Edited 2/14/2023 11:48:31
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