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Clan: The Saber-Rattlers

Number of members: 33
Tagline: Unite under one flag
Created: 6/17/2020

Bio: To conquer the world. The Saber-Rattlers are like-minded individuals coming from all corners but share a common interest. We aren't specifically an FFA or a Diplomacy clan but specialize in all fields of gameplay and whether it be in the forums, mapmaking, or creating levels and hosting multiplayer games we are versatile. Members are promoted based on how active they are with the Clan as well, there are regular clan events held exclusively for members to test their mettle and gain prestige. We value teamwork and cohesiveness in the Saber-Rattlers Clan, especially in team tournaments and ladders when our abilities are put to the test. We're here to help each other, never forget that. Clan Members are encouraged to be professional, show strength, integrity, the will to win. Display the icon proudly. We like a challenge.

If you're reading this and are interested in joining The Saber-Rattlers and are ready to step up the intensity, contact the Clan Leader joeydavis761 https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=37111516729 for the next step in becoming a member of the clan. Thanks.

New clan and still taking root. Always looking for active players with low boot rate.

Clan Member Title
Đeloš Enlisted
someone Enlisted (Recruit)
Makinjo Enlisted
HeyGuy Enlisted (Recruit)
DaKicksta Enlisted (Trainee)
joeydavis761 Clan Leader
Apricorn Enlisted
Bluehey Enlisted
Anibal Enlisted
Andrew Owens Enlisted
Budo Enlisted
GuardiaanAngel Enlisted (Trainee)
imma gummybear Enlisted
Belgarath Commissioned
Tom Enlisted
Leethal Lemmings Upper Echelon
Red Enlisted (Recruit)
Nova Enlisted
pool Enlisted
Ang Hua Lee Enlisted
Emepro Enlisted
Redman Enlisted
Brendgnome 9000 Executive
FunckyHippyDude Enlisted
Wulfen🇿🇦 Enlisted
Samuel01 Enlisted
GuyFieri_ Enlisted
Elfisch Enlisted (Trainee)
Zan Enlisted (Recruit)
Manavthegreat Enlisted
Rossfeld Enlisted (Recruit)
BritishEmpire Enlisted
Scuzz Enlisted (Recruit)