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Stacked clan wars rewards.: 7/7/2022 06:03:22

Tulsi 2020 
Level 60
What is the behavior of clan wars rewards if you activate the same reward while an identical reward is active.

i.e. you activate the reward Alloy sell values increased by 10% for two weeks. and then on another clan wars you trigger the same reward before the first one has expired.

Will it apply both at the same time. Will it extend the duration the reward is active. Will one reward over wright the other? Will it cause an unhandled exception in warzone code causing the database to be re-written with rare pepes? I've been too selfish to actually test this myself.
Stacked clan wars rewards.: 7/7/2022 06:05:21

Level 36
You get an unhandled exception and only get 1 bonus. I tested it with the 40% IACP in challenges and ISV.
Stacked clan wars rewards.: 7/7/2022 07:16:21

Level 61
I tested it with the 15% AP buff, and my experience aligns with Xeno's. It just overwrites the existing buff. It "renews" it, is probably a good way to put it.

It doesn't increase the efficacy (doesn't increase % buff) and doesn't extend the valid duration (doesn't set duration of buff to remaining time + an additional 2 weeks) but rather just renews the remaining duration to 2 weeks and efficacy to the set % (15% in the case of the AP buff).

My test was simply starting the AP buff from a given CW season on date X, where it would expire date X+14, then starting the buff from a successive CW season date X+12 and then observing efficacy remained @ 15% as suspected (which can be verified using in-game Stats and also by verifying actual AP gained at end of a level), and the buff dissipated on X+12+14 and not X+14+14.

Unfortunately the end date of the buffs never displays anywhere, it just stops taking effect, so you need to remember when you started it to know when it will end.
Stacked clan wars rewards.: 7/7/2022 07:19:53

Level 57
I did basically the same test and reported it as bug to fizzer. He confirmed that it is not really intuitive: "[...]You're right, that it lasts for exactly two weeks from when claimed. I agree it would be a better experience to add two weeks if one is already in progress.[...]".
Stacked clan wars rewards.: 7/7/2022 07:30:16

Level 61
Agree it would be more intuitive, but would also just be straight up more friendly to actively show
(A) how long the buff will be active for (eg: "3d10h remaining") and
(B) make it clear on the reward claim page whether the buff will extend or overwrite, and that it won't stack efficacy [we veterans know this, but noobs won't and this should be made clear for them]
Stacked clan wars rewards.: 7/7/2022 07:32:24

Leia - Princess of Coinwheels
Level 59
so if you keep the date when you claimed the first one, remember to only claim the next when that first one expired! 😊 thanks!
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