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5.19.1 Discussion: 2022-03-25 09:33:45

Level 58

lot of things for such a officially small update,


tabs got a redemption arc, coming to ios and android apps. i assume this was delayed from 1.19 because of coding issues.

200 player games!!!!! wonder what the new colours are, triangles?

fixed bug on structures, allowing more than one structure to be on one territory, (eg. fort and city)

small chat sound if someone talks in a game you have open. (is this the same as gc/cc sound?)


smarter auto-conquer for phase 4

auto-dig for phase 4, i'm not much of an idle player but even i know this is a big thing for players. (also comes with auto-claim)


warzone accounts can now be deleted. I wonder if that means that it will be auto deleted after a certain amount of inactivity?

this update will take longer to roll out than others do to the tabs being finicky on devices

Edited 3/25/2022 09:34:24
5.19.1 Discussion: 2022-03-25 14:00:21

Level 58
got to love some smoky black circles eh ;)
5.19.1 Discussion: 2022-03-26 10:23:43

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
Smoky black horz, smoky black vert and smoky black with circles all look exactly the same lol
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