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5.20 Prediction Thread: 3/14/2022 12:39:56

Level 58
the big 5.20. the hope for a major one should be likely

Edited 3/14/2022 12:40:20
5.20 Prediction Thread: 3/14/2022 19:22:27

Level 62
We want 6.1
5.20 Prediction Thread: 3/17/2022 19:48:01

Level 62
And what would 6.1 offer?

It would have to be something pretty major to warrant a new major #.
5.20 Prediction Thread: 3/18/2022 02:24:41

Level 59
And what would 6.1 offer?
1 v 1 Ladder rating system changed to Elo.

On second thought, that would warrant multiple major version bumps. That'll be update 15.0.

Edited 3/18/2022 02:25:16
5.20 Prediction Thread: 3/18/2022 02:35:17

Level 58

  • Removed the 40-member cap on clans
  • Removed restrictions on the create and query game APIs
  • As mega games are getting stable, the pricing of Mega Games are cut by 90%
  • You can now toggle off Idle Request, Forum post, and Clan Wars notifications in Global and Clan Chat
  • There is now a button to toggle off all email notifications in the configurations
  • Racial slurs are no longer allowed as usernames as thousands of accounts are removed
  • Updated wording to stop referring to Hitler as just a "world leader [some people] don't like,", since several people are responsible to literal millions of deaths in the olden days
  • Active CLOTs are now advertised on the MP Dashboard once contacted a specific bot
  • Changed rating system on 1v1 ladder to ELO with inactivity decay
  • Changed starting rating on 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 ladders to 1500, not 0
  • QM templates that are either default or existed for over 90 days are automatically removed to give new templates more chance
  • Clan managers can now delegate permissions without giving every manager full control
  • Global Chat no longer delete after 100 messages; instead, messages are retained for 30 days and archived in a separate portal
  • Sold the site to Microsoft
  • Clan Wars now has a daily 20-participant cap per clan rather than a seasonal one
  • Clan Wars now awards custom colors to the winning clans each season, instead of Idle rewards for a Classic contest
  • Clan Wars now matchmakes participants based on individual rating to increase match quality
  • Clan Wars now uses a proper algorithm for matchmaking instead of this sh*t
  • Updated the QM rating system to ordinary TrueSkill because yes
  • Clan Wars templates are now votable just like QM templates, and templates used in previous seasons will be automatically removed
  • Clan Wars now uses "One Win, One Territory" to give CW players more glory and allows the usage of much bigger maps
  • You can now select to filter swears instead of mods removing it, just so the people who wish to use swears can use them while the site is still friendly to children who accidentally stumble into the site
  • Changed the name back to "Warlight"
5.20 Prediction Thread: 3/18/2022 19:56:23

Level 62

None of those are "major" updates, neither in isolation or combined.

I suppose an argument could be made for this one ...
Changed the name back to "Warlight"
5.20 Prediction Thread: 3/19/2022 05:53:48

Level 62
My prediction for 5.20:

Misplaced army cache icon in Afro-Eurasia Gargantuan fixed.
5.20 Prediction Thread: 3/19/2022 05:54:46

Level 62
LOL Math

Come on, dream a bit bigger. That would definitely be 5.19.2.
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