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can we change arena duels: 1/9/2022 02:30:56

Level 57
I get the point (promote diversity of other game modes) but I don't play any 2v2 or multi-attack game modes. How about we get a selection of different game modes and the least popular game modes give the most rewards? Maybe that's too much work to implement, I just don't enjoy 2v2 or multi-attack game modes so I never EVER do them they SUCK I HATE EM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GIVE ME 1v1 EARTH NOOOOOW AAAAAAAAAAAA thank you for reading
can we change arena duels: 1/9/2022 03:01:40

Level 59

MME LD is cancer, please stop forcing it on players
can we change arena duels: 1/9/2022 03:11:42

finding machine-washed cloth
Level 62
the arena should just be your current qm templates, that would be better
can we change arena duels: 1/9/2022 03:22:21

Level 61
I think this is one of the many items we've asked about (dozens of times) but don't think we've gotten a response on. Safe to assume that it has been read and discarded as an option.
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