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Swiping away sand: 12/10/2021 06:56:01

Level 15
Is there a way to claim dig artifacts without doing the swipe away sand thing? It was cute the first few times but now it's just annoying.
Swiping away sand: 12/10/2021 06:57:39

Level 62
You can't disable it, but second best option: you can ignore it and after a few seconds it'll reveal itself. If you prepare the next dig before hand, you can bring up the Claim Artifact dialog box, ignore it, click the Start Dig button on the next dig, and just wait for the artifact to reveal itself & click Claim.
Swiping away sand: 12/10/2021 14:54:11

Chief Rollie
Level 60
It's kind of hilarious that it is just a time based thing. Touching the sand doesn't actually do anything lol
Swiping away sand: 12/11/2021 08:55:42

Level 44
There's smart people playing this game. Bring on the sand swiper script lol. With sound ;)
Swiping away sand: 12/17/2021 22:50:07

Level 62
There is no point in swiping sand, cause you just have to wait a flat 6 seconds.

I wish i could turn the sand off, it's annoying.....
Swiping away sand: 12/18/2021 05:25:36

Level 63
I wish my new artifact came in a nice present box, so I could unwrap it
Swiping away sand: 12/18/2021 06:21:42

Tulsi 2020 
Level 61
No, the artifacts should be sexy characters you undress to get the prize. I mean sex appeal seems to have worked for lords mobile.
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