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Marker Raid numbers: 11/30/2021 21:31:54

Level 61
Hello guys,

I have read dome threads and made some practice combining Market Raid and Supercharge Mine. Sometimes I have been able to accurately predict the amount of bars and items to produce, but in other cases I have been far away.

Here what I understand how MR works. I'd appreciate you can point me in order to figure out which other aspects should I consider in order to be able to predict the outcome properly.

For alloys, what I have read you get all alloys able to be produced with the ore got from mines in 24h.
Numeric examples, all made same day, same MR:
1) Silicon, total ore = 386 per second (from the total per ore statistics level 2). It includes 30% extra and SM.
Total_ore_24h = 386 x 3600 x 24 = 33.229.440
Then ore/alloy = 3.880 -> 8.595 alloys able to be made with the ore collected in 24.
MR result was 8.6k Silicon. Calculations worked fine.

2) Aluminium, total ore = 979 per second
Total_ore_24h = 979 x 3600 x 24 = 84.585.600
Then ore/alloy = 6.540 -> 12.934 alloys able to be made with the ore collected in 24.
MR result was 6.33k Aluminum, calculations didnt work fine.

3) Screw, made with 7 allows of Iron
Iron total ore = 215 per second
Total_ore_24h = 979 x 3600 x 24 = 18.576.000
Then ore/alloy = 35.654 -> 5.094 screws able to be made with the iron collected in 24.
MR result was 2.84k screws, calculations didnt work fine.

I'd really appreciate you can point me what am I doing wrong and what else should I consider in order to properly anticipate MR outcome.

Is it the speed of smelters and/or crafters revevant?
Also, is the number of smelters and/or crafters important?
And which artifacts should I use when MR?

Many thanks,

Edited 11/30/2021 21:34:00
Marker Raid numbers: 11/30/2021 22:23:00

Level 62
Someone posted a good thread on this previously. I can't find it now via searching, maybe someone else can? I seem to recall it being called "the church of market read" or something like that.
Marker Raid numbers: 12/1/2021 00:35:57

Level 25
I don't have any evidence for this, it's pure speculation, but if I look at the amounts you actually got and put them in relation to the base recipe runtimes, there seems to be a pattern: For quick recipes you get large amounts, for slow recipes you get fewer. This suggests that there is another limiting factor that you missed. This might be the number of smelters/crafters.
Let's just take the screw example: To output 5k screws in 24h you have to output one screw in 17sec. For the amount you actually got (~3k) you have to output one screw in 30sec. If you do the math for the aluminum you get 7sec vs 14sec (rounded). If I keep the original recipe times in mind, I'd follow that you get the amount you can produce in 24h, meaning that you not only have to produce enough ore but also have to own the number of smelters/crafters to actually output those amounts. Then Market Raid would be some kind of min-function:

min (
    ore production per 24h / ores per alloy/item ,
    seconds per 24h / recipe duration in seconds * number of smelters ,
    <the same for crafters in case of items>
If you produce more ore but have limited smelters, no more Market Raid. If you have more smelters but produce not enough ore, no more Market Raid.

Don't know how this would be calculated if an item requires other items as ingredients.
Marker Raid numbers: 12/1/2021 03:49:25

Level 56
Maximum = 86400 / time smelters,crafters X number of smelters,crafters
Marker Raid numbers: 12/8/2021 15:11:55

Level 61
Many thanks guys.
Which are the artifacts suggested to use when Market Raid?
Marker Raid numbers: 12/8/2021 15:55:57

Level 62
Based on formulas above, i would suggest you use any of the following:
  • Mine boost
  • Supercharge mine
  • Efficient smelters
  • Faster smelters
  • Efficient crafters
  • Faster crafters

    Then select artifacts based on what you are trying to boost. For example: if you have a lot of ores but are lacking items, go for Faster smelters, Efficient crafters, Faster crafters. If you dont have enough ore and are lacking bars, increase your mine output and put efficient smelters on.

    You might not have all of the artifacts mentioned above, but just use what you have to the best of your abilities.
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