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CHEATING: Using 2 different accounts in same game: 11/14/2021 15:45:34

Level 61
Hi, I recently detected a person cheating by using 2 accounts (Novio and Abraham) in the same FFA game. I am sharing my evidence below of them cheating and need your opinion on 2 things:
a) Based on my evidence below, do you agree that they cheated?
b) I have reported them to warzone admin. Will admin usually act on it or ignore?

Novio account: https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=21141900354

Abraham account: https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=81141900488

Game they cheated against me: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=28844125

Evidence of cheating:
Novio and Abraham clearly cheated as they are being controlled by the same person. here are the multiple reasons as proof:
1) They colluded from move 1
2) Their modus operand is for Abraham to tank and lose most of the time, while Novio farms and wins almost all the time
3) Right after I surrendered, Abraham also surrendered immediately despite it being an even fight between Abraham and Novio.
4) They come from the same country and were created on exactly the same day
5) They played almost the same number of FFA games of all types. Abraham played slightly less because he also used other accounts like Harry and Ramses too.
6)Novio has an unusually high win rate of more than 50% in almost all FFAs, this is very unlikely over many games and likely due to cheating (1 player controls 2 accounts)
7) Abraham's decent playing standard is not reflected in his close to 0 win rate, clearing an indication of assisting Novio.
8) MOST IMPORTANTLY (for Warzone admin), please check all FFA games Novio and Abraham played together. Probably almost all their FFA games are played together.
CHEATING: Using 2 different accounts in same game: 11/14/2021 18:13:29

Level 58
Well I am not an admin (though i hope to be) but if u dm one like JK_3 they should take action faster

Edited 11/14/2021 18:13:37
CHEATING: Using 2 different accounts in same game: 11/14/2021 18:21:01

Level 63
i am handling the reports right now, but it might be some time before the admins show up to confirm my actions (cause the WZ reports work in a 2 tier system)
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CHEATING: Using 2 different accounts in same game: 11/15/2021 03:58:46

Level 60
Ι see the also have pretty much the same play speed statistics.
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