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Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 8/30/2021 18:28:40

John Smith
Level 56
After taking a look at Global Chat, people seem to voice the same opinion on the matter so I decided to make a post about this.

If we look at all the seasons so far, it is obvious there is supreme dominance in the top 3 clans (Master, Mhunter, TSFH). They are also the only clans in the history of the 5 seasons of clan wars that have gotten above 15/20 territories (This clan wars will have a "few" more clans that will surpass the 15 territory mark, and MAYBE 20?)

What I'm about to suggest is MOST LIKELY not the best solution, but I'm sure the community can easily come up with a solution that would at least be better than the current setup.

How about instead of making it impossible to get some of these higher required territory rewards, Fizzer could instead lower the amount of territories required to get them. And to provide further incentive for these superclans at the top, he can repeat the rewards over. Let me explain.

Right now the territory rewards as it is goes by 1/2/3/4/6/10/15/20/25 (Territories, for each reward respectively)
Instead it could be more beneficial if we go about it like this: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
If you take a look at the current season 5, there are ONLY 7 clans who have even gotten 9 or more territories. So even "just getting 9 territories" is an impressive amount of work required.

And maybe we can also give some incentive to the superclans since they might feel left out although they will still get a ridiculous amount of rewards anyway in comparison to most other clans, Fizzer can simply repeat the same exact rewards so they can get an additional 2 weeks per clan war season in the following manner down below.

so something like 11/13/15/17/19/21/23/25/27 and
30/33/36/39/42/45/48/51/54 (requiring 2 and 3 territories per reward respectively for each of the original 9 rewards)
(So possibly up to 6 weeks with this in total)

This way more clans can receive benefits that otherwise would only be seen by the same superclans who are already getting incredible rewards from finishing in the placements they already are (notably Master and Mhunter are immovable from 1st and 2nd, with TSFH being the gatekeeper to 3rd although this has less precedence because the reward gate is 3-5).

Sorry if the post is horribly worded or hard to follow, and thank you for reading!
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 8/30/2021 18:43:39

Level 59
Could you elaborate further on why these territory rewards should be more accessible? Even with your reduced thresholds, there will be some rewards that are going to be inaccessible for almost everyone. I'm wondering how you decide where to draw the line on what should be accessible to whom.

"More clans should receive more benefits" seems like a never-ending ask that would persist even if your proposal gets implemented.
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 8/30/2021 18:57:36

John Smith
Level 56
You are correct in that some rewards will be inaccessible for a good amount of players.

There's a couple of reasons why I suggest this but please forgive me for my sloppy way to explain this.

There's currently 9 territory rewards, so I figure 1 territory per 1 reward at the beginning.

If you take a look at the past clan war seasons (minus the first season which is somewhat of an anomaly), there are a decent amount of clans that reach this milestone. I figure that getting up to 9 while difficult for quite a few clans, is obviously nowhere near as difficult as the current gate. At least a good amount of the community who is participating will receive bonuses (not everyone obviously, but an amount that could be called an active amount). But your point is that even if this gets implemented, more people will still ask.

Something I notice in clan wars is a lot of players usually only play a few games in an entire season, and this may change a percentage of them in their thought processes and make them play a little bit more if a goal is more attainable (whereas currently, it goes from 6 territories to 10 territories WHICH IS A HUGE GAP for most normal clans and I can see them quickly not motivated to try much harder).

Of course, what I suggest isn't perfect as nothing can cater to everyone AND my idea may just be dumb/poorly setup, but I do think based off of the current Clan Wars history this would be the best course of action.

Edited 8/30/2021 18:58:16
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 9/10/2021 12:01:55

The Forbidden Koala 
Level 61
Clan Wars are getting longer due to small interest.

Clan War rating does help with getting free wins, and easier matchups (but doesn't guarantee it).

Territory rewards are nice till 20 territories. With this season players with 40% win rate could get an territory for clan if they play daily.
Its true that templates might not allign with your free time, but it is a clan based event. 40 people is quite much to fill CW, but with seasons getting longer its easier to reach it.
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 9/11/2021 11:32:53

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 65
mmm if you don't like Commanders and SE, well it's quite difficult to be active on Clan Wars
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 9/11/2021 17:31:50

Level 63
CW should just pick random QM templates, but I guess that makes it less likely the idle-only players will play CW.
Not that an idle-only player has any chance of winning anyways....
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 9/12/2021 04:28:34

Level 62
CW should just pick random QM templates

Auto-Imp.Rom.- LD & Light fog
Rise of Rome 1v1
1v1 LD Siege
Imperium Romanum 1v1 - 35/85
Elitist Africa 1v1 NLC
Scrabble: No base income
duel lotto 1.0

Edited 9/12/2021 04:29:31
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 9/12/2021 09:00:21

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
Why is Africa a counter-argument?
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 9/12/2021 09:11:17

Level 62
oh yes imagine if cw was just how many lottos your clan can join
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 9/12/2021 09:14:25

Level 62
If it became random QM templates, pretty sure most people would just quit CW.

There's a reason there's functionality to enable/disable the QM templates you wish to play.
Clan Wars Territory Rewards: 9/12/2021 09:42:57

Level 63
Why is Africa a counter-argument?

Because it uses the old and bad Africa map.
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