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Limit invites to "longer than 2 days": 8/13/2021 17:51:45

Taffy 3 
Level 58
Hi Im getting booted left and right because I'm invited to games with a sub 2day boot. My schedule doesnt allow me to get in front of a computer more frequently Is there a preference setting anywhere to set 'Games must have no auto boot or boot times great than two days?
Limit invites to "longer than 2 days": 8/13/2021 17:53:19

Level 50
Sounds like a decent idea if you have a hard time with schedule. +0.5
Limit invites to "longer than 2 days": 8/16/2021 22:28:48

Level 57
If you are getting put into games you didn't join, go to the home page, Multiplayer, Quickmatch, and uncheck the "multi-day games" setting. You will not get put into any more, but you do have to take your turns in the games you are in. Hope that helps!
Limit invites to "longer than 2 days": 8/21/2021 07:04:56

bliss machine
Level 62
second what riptide said, i also booted a lot after first joining QM because the multiday box was a little small to notice.
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