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Membership cancel: 7/28/2021 11:43:59

Level 8
How can I cancel my one-month trial?

I did use PayPal without setting up an account there, so I can't really cancel it via their website

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Membership cancel: 8/3/2021 18:56:27

Level 63
Not sure how you would do it then, i guess the same way as how you would cancel the subscription of you payed with WZ coins.

I dont know how to do that either, so if anyone knows let me know 😅
Membership cancel: 8/13/2021 18:16:46

Level 8
Well, I still have a problem with that membership trial cancellation.

I tried contacting Warzone by e-mailing, but got no response.

I can't contact the creator by sending an ingame e-mail, because I don't have 10th lvl...

I would appreciate any response before I will be forced to spend my money on something I try to resign from.

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Membership cancel: 8/13/2021 18:39:53

Level 62
Do I understand correctly, that you don't have a PayPal account but paid via PayPal? No idea how that works tbh ... you're providing credit card info to a system without any link back to you to be able to modify it? May be better off try to work through the PayPal customer service and show identity via credit card info.

The method is cancel is originated from PayPal, so it starts there from that side.
Membership cancel: 8/13/2021 18:42:01

The Endless Zero
Level 57
Yeah, contact paypal customer service. Cancelling is done via paypal, and normally is simple if you have a paypal account.

It could also behoove you to get lvl 10 so that you can dm fizzer in case the membership payment does go through. Fizzer might be willing to compensate you if it is a day of sort of deal. Ofc, he will expect you to formally cancel the membership thereafter.

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Membership cancel: 8/14/2021 00:44:58

Level 59
Here's the relevant PayPal page: https://www.paypal.com/sm/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-cancel-a-recurring-payment,-subscription,-or-automatic-billing-agreement-i-have-with-a-merchant-faq1067

They want you to:
1. Contact Fizzer (you can email him at fizzer@warzone.com) to cancel the subscription
2. If #1 doesn't work, they want you to contact PayPal customer support

Sounds like you should follow the steps for #2 now. If that doesn't work, you can use the bug report as a backdoor to contact Fizzer (https://www.warzone.com/ReportBug - this just creates a DM between you and Fizzer) or work with your credit card to request a chargeback for your next monthly payment.

You can also request that someone else with a higher-level account create a group DM with you and Fizzer. Another way to get Fizzer to respond to you is to leave a comment on the Warzone Blog; he always reads those.
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