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Possible Bug?: 5/20/2021 12:39:08

Level 63

My opponent didnt take his turn in time. Instead of booting or deploying as AI, only those orders were carried out which have been made before time was up.

Instead of 85 only 7 have been deployed in turn 21

Possible Bug?: 5/20/2021 12:42:50

Level 59
I think that’s an intentional auto-commit feature (if any armies or moves happened, it does them).

Was also surprised to learn abt it

Edited 5/20/2021 12:43:08
Possible Bug?: 5/20/2021 14:02:01

Level 58
Can autocommit be advantageous in case of army cap settings?
Possible Bug?: 5/20/2021 14:08:05

Level 63
Interesting. So not a bug but a feature :)

So as long as you deploy 1 army the boot will not happen but instead it will be seen as commitment
Possible Bug?: 5/20/2021 14:28:40

Level 63
Wow, you can really abuse this on army cap games....
Possible Bug?: 5/20/2021 15:10:30

Level 62
How can you abuse it? The units are lost forever if not deployed, no?
Possible Bug?: 5/20/2021 18:48:21

Math Wolf 
Level 64
If it's a feature, it's use, not abuse.

Only two similar specific cases where this may be an advantage:
* Suppose you have limited neutrals left that you can suicide your armies on, and no opportunity to make a bonus.
Yet, you know that your opponent is nearby and want to have the maximum income to deploy flexibly the next turn. Rather than being stuck with armies that you deploy this turn and can't get rid off by suiciding them, you only deploy 1 (and suicide it) without committing. The next turn, you will not be more over the army cap.
* Similarly, if you want to expand into a bonus but can't take it all yet and you are out of neutrals to suicide on. Rather than having to take multiple territories and exceeding the army cap, you only take 1 territory in such way that you can take the bonus the next turn, or have your income all available if an opponent shows up. However, in most cases, this won't be more efficient, only in a few edge cases it may.

TL;DR - only useful if you have no neutrals to suicide on and you want your deploy to be flexible on the next turn. Rather rare.

EDIT: a third, even more convoluted case: if you are in a fight with the opponent and want to cheaply "give up" a territory that you expect them to attack with a stack, making them believe you are at the army cap. Then next turn surprise them with a big deploy.

Edited 5/20/2021 18:50:50
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