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Time for a fast 1v 1 ladder: 4/3/2021 14:46:56

Five Finger Death Punch
Level 55
For some, 3 day turns are both necessary and a timescale they enjoy playing to. For others, it's slow and can be somewhat of a motivation killer.

Personally waiting 3 days for one move is soul destroying.

So, is there room for a fast, blitz type 1v1 ladder, with say a 1.5 day turn max?

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Time for a fast 1v 1 ladder: 4/3/2021 18:30:55

Level 61
There's multi-day Quickmatch with 1 day boot + 1 day banked. I enjoy it more than 3d boot personally.
Time for a fast 1v 1 ladder: 4/4/2021 13:03:50

Master Ryiro 
Level 63

I would like a faster 1v1 ladder too
Time for a fast 1v 1 ladder: 4/4/2021 15:07:24

Level 59

For some guys,3 days to take just one turn is not enough...........
For some others though,1 day is pretty much time to think our moves and enjoy the game,no matter if we win or lose.Maximum,just for the sake of taking a good thought about the "right" picks,i'd also may give 1 day banked time and that's all.....So yeah,i'd really enjoy a much faster 1v1 ladder.
Time for a fast 1v 1 ladder: 4/4/2021 21:24:43

Level 59

I propose:
1 day/turn
4h/day banked (so you get a spare day each week - good for weekends)
2 day initial bank (so you get 3 days to make picks)
Time for a fast 1v 1 ladder: 4/4/2021 22:04:30

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
3days and 15days banked as for me :D

just kidding

but actually you can play 1day pace games at the quickmatches. chose Strategic 1v1 as template only. and voilà you have a 1v1 ladder on MME with 1 day pace.

I'd rather adapt the ranking system in the quickmatches. Games can expire. So you dont have so many dead at the top and it remains fun, bc you have better chances to reach the top

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