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Last Update: 2/13/2021 09:18:43

Roi Joleil
Level 60
Soooo.. did anyone else notice that the lvl is completly f** now when you have a logo in game? ^^
Last Update: 2/13/2021 12:31:16

Level 60
Yes i did and it annoyed me
Last Update: 2/13/2021 14:29:44

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
I got some other issuw with the finished tournament thing.

Lets assume I am a fast, but good player. I have a round robin and finished all my games, while others are still playing. I did very well in that tournament. So I am very interested in the uptodate standing of the tournament. Did someone fail? Will I win the tournament? How many games are left until I get the points of the tournament?

Now I have to search this tournament in past games? That's not really good. Probably you can make an exception for Round Robins, since you are never really eliminated there. Finishing all games doesnt mean that you lost. And even if you can't win any more, you might be interested where you will be ranked. Especially in Promotion/Relegation Leagues.

@Fizzer. Probably its worth it to rethink this.

Edited 2/13/2021 14:29:53
Last Update: 2/13/2021 14:31:03

Level 63
Agreed LF, it needs to be a filter you can set/remove (like on the MP dashboard for games), not a hardcoded remove.
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