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Am I Hacked?: 1/26/2021 23:26:33

Level 4

I have only played 2 games of Warzone myself but when I logged in I had apparently been in several games and booted from them. Someone was added to my friends list without me doing so. Is this suspicious activity? I've already changed my password but the problem persists. How do I delete my account?

Am I Hacked?: 1/26/2021 23:27:54

Level 59
Did you turn off invite to multi day in quick match?
Also every person you play with is autoadded as friend previously, so that’s where you one friend may come from. Check past games to see if u played against him.
Am I Hacked?: 1/26/2021 23:40:12

Level 42
Go to the Quickmatch page (https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?Quickmatch=1 if you're on browser) and uncheck the "Invite me to multi-day games" box. If that box was unchecked already, then check the batteries in your household carbon monoxide detector.
Am I Hacked?: 1/28/2021 17:20:59

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
Short answer: No, you're not hacked.
Am I Hacked?: 1/28/2021 17:26:33

bliss machine
Level 62
yes, as people said, most likely multiday quickmatches
Am I Hacked?: 1/28/2021 17:27:16

Level 41
Turn off Invite me to multi day games.
Am I Hacked?: 1/28/2021 17:31:01

Level 12
mabye i am hacked. mabye this account isnt real. mabye i have ben here before. are thease sentance true?
we will never know. i like posting jokes
Am I Hacked?: 1/28/2021 17:31:59

Quantum Entity
Level 54
Are we even alive? Are we even here?
Am I Hacked?: 1/28/2021 20:05:17

Level 60
Why are we still here just to suffer?
Am I Hacked?: 1/29/2021 02:14:49

Level 59
Am I Hacked?: 2/1/2021 22:40:04

Level 61
You may have been hacked. You may have been not. I suggest installing an antivirus to checkout.

However, the activity you are describing isn't suspicious:
friend lists are automatic.
inviting to multi-day games is automatic.

Both can be manually deactivated.

P.S. your password should contain special characters like !&#, else it is really easy to hack.

Edited 2/1/2021 22:40:14
Am I Hacked?: 2/1/2021 23:57:31

Level 47
I suggest installing an antivirus to checkout.
Imo this is risky advice. Some popular antiviruses are full of bloatware, while some free ones (Kaspersky) could be coming with their own security risks. If you just install antivirus, it's easy to screw up and wind up worse off than before.

I'd rather suggest reading through https://decentsecurity.com/ which has some practical guides to online security. To quote it:
You've been sold a lie. You cannot just buy "security." It is something obtained through simple choices and knowledge.


Your antivirus saying something isn't a virus doesn't mean anything at all. Antivirus is like the airbag inflating on your car. If it triggers, something very wrong has already happened.

P.S. your password should contain special characters like !&#, else it is really easy to hack.
This isn't true. Most conventional password advice is junk. https://xkcd.com/936/

If you go the "put in numbers, letter, special characters" route, you could end up with a lot of unwieldy passwords or slip into the habit of reusing passwords... which is bad, because then one breach could compromise half your accounts.

Just come up with something that's easy for you to remember (but not consisting of public details about you, don't put obvious things in it like your birthday!) that would take time for a machine to guess. Or just use a password manager.

Edited 2/2/2021 00:00:16
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