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Timing to take Hospitals and Army camps: 1/20/2021 09:59:00

Level 59
It seems Hospital and Army camps starting "values" depend on the players strength.

For example if your best army camp is 960K/sec then the army camp you conquer is almost every time of this value <- the value is not fixed
Same seems to go for hospitals where the value seems based on your army income and not fixed (like in a big value territory area you would think the Hospital is buffed up).

So if you use Fog Buster, stock up armies and rush as fast as possible the Hospitals and Army camps you see, it is actually not worth it because the gain is minimal and the upgrade prices/time are thereafter monstruous.

Basically it seems better to wait, especially for Hospitals who's 20/60k starting value is very fast useless and impossible to upgrade to reasonnable levels ?
Timing to take Hospitals and Army camps: 1/20/2021 11:58:59

Level 25
I can neither agree to this nor deny it because I haven't yet wrote down any of those numbers to check in a second attempt. But given that in some other forum thread someone claims that even caches are always the same no matter how often you start a level (given that I can't know whether they tried to test your claim there, too, if caches are affected by your current income) I would currently assume that army camp and hospital numbers are fixed. Unless someone actually proves me wrong.

Or let's just say, out of logical reasoning I would like to believe that either your observation or the constant-cache-claim are correct but not both.
Timing to take Hospitals and Army camps: 1/20/2021 12:22:37

Level 63
I think they are set values.

I’ve powered before to a Camp in a hard area which had an income much higher than my other Camps when I got it. I think Fizzer set the Camps and Hospitals to be comparable to how strong you should be when you get to them.

So basically, I power to them as quickly as I can.
Timing to take Hospitals and Army camps: 1/20/2021 16:49:38

Level 56
Mostly agree with Z. If I get a hospital before I "should" then it often is quite a power bump. I haven't noticed this with army camps one way or the other. They're always right about the level of my existing camps, but maybe that's just due to when I get them.
Timing to take Hospitals and Army camps: 1/20/2021 17:03:30

Level 62
Army camps and hospitals definitely appear to be fixed values. For whatever reason when I've taken "the hard path" on a map to capture the big territories/big bonuses first, the hospitals and army camps in those areas have massive values compared to the ones elsewhere nearer the starting location.

On the later maps, some of these hospitals had values of >120M if I recall correctly, so over 240M for nearby territories

BUT ... is it worth it to go there first? Depends on your map strategy to be honest. It may take longer to get there going straight there than to build up and get there unless you're using a lot of powers to assist. But if your goal is the long game and overall conservation of armies, minimum total armies required to clear the map, then maybe ... b/c higher valued hospitals = greater savings overall, so maybe taking longer to get there but capturing less territories now while hospital benefit is low = capturing more territories later when hospital benefit is high = more armies saved. There are many strategies to clear a level, so #chooseYourOwnStrat and have fun with it.
Timing to take Hospitals and Army camps: 1/25/2021 12:45:25

Level 59
In that case I guess it is not worth the while to rush them, because then the lower ones that would have benefited earlier in game are now useless, and less fun.

I guess I did not try the hard paths hard enough then ! :)

Edited 1/25/2021 12:47:00
Timing to take Hospitals and Army camps: 2/18/2021 18:15:58

Level 54
I just started playing WZI, but I got to a hospital on the second level and it had such a high save rate compared to the territories I hadn't conquered yet that I basically got 12+ territories for free or extremely reduced cost (10% or less of labeled cost)
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