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Real world sense in materials: 1/16/2021 09:37:00

Tim 🍌 
Level 63
I don’t mind that there are made up weird alloys and materials in this game but when you need :

silver bars to make glass, it kind of makes me wonder what kind of warped place is this?
Silicone makes twine? Well no kind of twine made of silicone is a kind of twine I would ever use.
Gold bars to make boiling flasks? What the hell do you boil in golden flasks?

But my all time favorite is a struct made of pure lead bars.
Do you want to go inside a building made of lead I beams?... it couldn’t support anything and would collapse under its own weight.
Real world sense in materials: 1/16/2021 09:44:03

β”‚ [20] β”‚MASTERβ”‚ Rikku β”‚ I love my wife β”‚ • apex β”‚
Level 61
Gold boiling flasks can't melt lead beans!
Real world sense in materials: 1/16/2021 15:30:07

Math Wolf 
Level 64
You haven't seen the later recipes!

How about a speaker made from uranium, terbium, samarium and magnets?
Or a lens made from an abundance of welding rods mixed with some samarium, neodymium and a few structs?
Antennas are mainly silver with a bunch of structs, welding rods and twine.
And obviously, we all love those explosive bolts made from pure platinum!

Mind you, those uranium bars are mainly thorium and titanium anyway.

It's also remarkable that I needed samarium bars to obtain middle school recruiters or exploding bolts to hire actual doctors.
These people sure had some weird demands during wage negotiations...
Real world sense in materials: 1/16/2021 23:57:23

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
What the hell is terbium
Real world sense in materials: 1/16/2021 23:59:06

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
We need steel to make money next
Real world sense in materials: 1/19/2021 08:57:45

Dj Storm
Level 59
It's a warped place where you can recruit 1 million mercenaries with the price of one (empty) tin can.
Real world sense in materials: 1/19/2021 11:25:33

Cata Cauda
Level 59
This is why I stick to Warlight Classic.
Real world sense in materials: 1/21/2021 00:10:18

Level 22
I count 11 times Italy has to be conquered and 4 times for the whole world. Why? Do I keep losing it all? Is it a multiverse? Am I the villain? Where's my homeland? Can I time travel?

I have too many dumb questions.
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