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Strategic 1v1 Sucks: 1/13/2021 20:28:31

MJ Nazario
Level 25
I hate this map because opponents there beat me so easily!!
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Strategic 1v1 Sucks: 1/13/2021 20:32:38

Level 61
Don't worry. There's lots of ways to improve at the game. Try giving the M'Hunters strategy guide a read if you learn easily: http://nghood.com/warlight/strategyguide

Most importantly, ask yourself why you lost a game. What did your opponent do better? How did he get more armies per turn? How did he know where you were? You can always ask your opponents how they won. Sometimes people will happily share their thoughts.

Edit: and ignore people who respond with "you're just bad". Everyone started out as a newbie

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Strategic 1v1 Sucks: 1/13/2021 20:33:06

Level 62
There is a big difference between a map and a template!

As for the Strat 1v1 part, are you having troubles with a multiplayer Quickmatch game, or with the Singleplayer level called "Getting Strategic" (https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?Level=56)?

In both cases, reading a guide might help you. For example, see: http://www.nghood.com/warlight/strategyguide

If you find yourself having trouble with a multiplayer game, you can also link the game in this forum thread, so some more experience player can provide you with some feedback.
Strategic 1v1 Sucks: 1/13/2021 20:33:26

Level 62
And other times they will personally attack you for talking to them.

Edited 1/13/2021 20:33:31
Strategic 1v1 Sucks: 1/14/2021 09:52:35

Level 62
^ While in a game, click the player’s name > report. If they carry on insulting, they’ll be suspended or even banned.
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