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Merc camps - max 10B?: 11/20/2020 15:17:18

Level 62
Has anyone seen Merc camps bigger than 10B lately? Granted I'm on on AD 1045: Roads of Silk and Iron right now but the past few maps I've completed, the biggest Merc camp was exactly 10B.

When I did later maps like Scandinavia, Australia, Afro-Gargantuan, Triskelion, United States, there were much bigger merc camps.

Has a max size been introduced? Seems odd that there are so many exactly 10B merc camps ... not 9.9, 10.1, 10.1, not 11, etc.

Makes me wonder if my AP invested into Additional Mercenaries is partially wasted b/c +45% of a max 10B is still 10B, so only helps on the ones less than that.

But maybe the max increase in later maps? But if there's still a max, then still takes away the value of this AP upgrade. Should at least be the max cap and then the benefit of the AP added on.

But need more data to be sure that it's even doing this.
Merc camps - max 10B?: 11/21/2020 16:15:03

SubLunar Unit 
Level 60
Recently I finished China and there were many merc camps with more than 10 B troops. I had a different problem - I could not afford to buy them all.

The levels you named, they were designed differently - more money, more mercs, cheap mercs, mercs that cost peanuts - if I remember correctly. Not any more I'm afraid. To be fair there were also many more troops on each territory.
Merc camps - max 10B?: 11/22/2020 08:13:14

Level 64
Do you mean how many mercs they have?
In my current map I have 4 camps with over 400B.
With most expensive territory to conquer at 355B that small camps would simply not work.
Waiting for 355B from army camps even with income 990K/s would take forever (at least 4 days waiting seems that way)
Merc camps - max 10B?: 11/22/2020 10:47:17

Level 63
the 10B limit might have been nothing but a temporary bug in the level creation algoritm or something minor
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