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Liechtenstein-centric world map: 11/16/2020 04:09:46

Level 62
Reviving a locked thread ... (https://www.warzone.com/Forum/478885-liechtensteincentric-world-map)

Calling all map makers ... just floating an idea if one of you out there are considering making an only slightly alternate reality map.

A map where Liechtenstein consists of 3-5 territories, and they are the biggest territories on the map. Everything else is shrunken down but still to scale other than relative to L.

Liechtenstein should not just be 1 territory, but 3-5 territories.

Liechtenstein never gets any respect. Most world maps ignore it completely, and the ones that included it just have it as a single territory. Poor Liechtenstein.

And then:

This is such a stupid and glorious idea that I just might do it.

And today in global chat:

[Orannis]: liechtenstein centric map

[Hodop]: 8 coins.

[Hodop]: for a fee of 8 coins.

[Orannis]: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/478885-liechtensteincentric-world-map

[Orannis]: this one hodop

[Orannis]: how do I know you won’t just take my coins and dip

[Orannis]: or make a s****y map

[Hodop]: Well, gimme that thing and I’ll make it.

[Orannis]: I did, it’s in that forum thread

[Hodop]: You can give me the coins halfway through.

[Hodop]: So, how many countries are we talking about?

[Hodop]: Like 20 or like 70?

[Hodop]: 70 is my max.

[Hodop]: Ok, tell me what 70 you are asking for.

[Orannis]: I would give you a few coins now to show that I will give u them all in the end but the tax makes it not worth it

[Orannis]: just make a map where liechtenstein is 5 territories and bigger than all the other countries

[Hodop]: Well, the min is 8.

[Hodop]: You can’t make a coin game for less.

[Orannis]: I’ll give u 20 if u do a good job I really have no use for coins now that I have this colour

[Hodop]: Okay, gimme the contingency fee and I’ll get started.
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 11/16/2020 04:19:33

Level 62
So ... is this happening?

If so ... I recommend rather than starting from zero, just take one of the existing perfectly fine medium to large world maps or European maps, and augment it to either have Liechtenstein territories, or expand it on one that already has it. Then you should hopefully be able to create some massive L territories in the Swiss/Austria/Italy/Germany space, even make it border Germany & Italy b/c it's so big.

I'll chip in 20 coins to what Orannis already offered if someone is doing this properly.
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 11/16/2020 09:44:52

Level 31
If Hodop is making a World Lichtenstein-Centered map, may I do a regional version? I'd like to add a focus tree along with the map...

Other than fat Lichtenstein, how should the map be? Should our boy be the dominant nation or just a very decent one?

Not asking for coins but not refusing either :)

Edited 11/16/2020 09:49:37
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 11/18/2020 19:44:15

Level 62

You mean a smaller, Euro or Western Euro centric map with even more focus on Liechtenstein? Or you mean a full blown Liechtenstein only map? That could be cool too.


Just had another thought, maybe even Liechtenstein could border not only Germany and Italy, but also Spain, Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary ... okay, maybe I'm getting carried away. (;
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 11/19/2020 17:21:20

Level 31

I mean a Western Europe map where Liechtenstein can become a superpower through a focus tree, a meme map. :)

I'll edit this message with the link of the map in development when I start it (maybe even today, I just finished my last map).
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 11/19/2020 17:27:08

Level 62
@krinid, No, I wont be moving Liechtenstein, just enlarging it, so it will only border France/Spain/Porugal (The territory) and Italy/Germany (The territory)
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 11/19/2020 17:27:09

Level 62
I accidentally double sent the above message, so I deleted what this originally said.

Edited 11/19/2020 17:28:04
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 12/7/2020 19:42:32

Level 55
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 12/8/2020 19:59:14

Level 45
absolute madman
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