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Liechtenstein-centric world map: 10/8/2020 21:24:49

Level 62
Calling all map makers ... just floating an idea if one of you out there are considering making an only slightly alternate reality map.

A map where Liechtenstein consists of 3-5 territories, and they are the biggest territories on the map. Everything else is shrunken down but still to scale other than relative to L.

Liechtenstein should not just be 1 territory, but 3-5 territories.

Liechtenstein never gets any respect. Most world maps ignore it completely, and the ones that included it just have it as a single territory. Poor Liechtenstein.
Liechtenstein-centric world map: 10/13/2020 02:29:01

Level 55
This is such a stupid and glorious idea that I just might do it.
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