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Is idle a pay for time game: 9/25/2020 06:12:53

Level 55
I booted it up and had a very quick look
is this already or going to be one of those games where you pay to speed things up and "get on"
like boom beach
But there is nowhere to get on to
Just another level and then another and another
I came to warzone to get away from that
Is idle a pay for time game: 9/25/2020 06:30:02

Level 63
Yes, Idle is WZ's newest coin sink

Tip: just dont play idle if you dont like it
Here is how to prevent your phone from going to idle upon starting the app:

After that, just dont click the idle button!
Is idle a pay for time game: 10/10/2020 14:57:43

Level 62
I haven't played the other games you're referring to, but from the sound of it, there are 2 key differences from them.

1) Limitations on how long you can play
If I understand what these other games are, is that they let you play for some period of time (# of hours per day, or # of moves per day, # of levels per day, etc - something limitation), and then you either have to pay to continue or wait longer. Idle never stops you or forces you to pay. It's just if you're impatient and don't know want to wait A VERY LONG TIME (sometimes after all the "interesting stuff" is completed on a level, it can still take over a week to slog through the end, only capturing a new territory every few hours) to continue, then you can pay money to reduce that time. But it's never a requirement.

2) # of levels available to play
Idle doesn't have thousands or even hundreds of levels to move on to. There are 31 levels. So if you spend a lot of money to finish the levels quickly, then you just simply finish all the Idle levels quickly, and now you're done with Idle, and you paid in order to reduce your playing time of it.

Sure, you can replay the levels again if you really want, but with 30% decreasing AP for completion each time, there's little motivation to do so. Unless you actually enjoyed playing the levels, and if that is the case, why spend a bunch of money to get through them more quickly?

Thus the paradox arises.

I would think that if you just like the clicking part of Idle (the segments in between the waiting) but not the super long waiting periods, then you probably actually like games like Civilization instead -- or just regular WZC. If you don't mind the waiting, then Idle might be the game for you.
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