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Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 16:45:47

Level 64

Warzone Creator
Hey all,

I've done some minor re-restructuring of the forums to make it clearer what's about Warzone Idle versus Warzone Classic.

The "General" forum has been renamed to "Warzone Classic"

The Strategy forum has been removed, and the threads that were in it were moved to Warzone Classic.

The order the forums are listed will be updated in the next update to: Warzone Classic, Warzone Idle, Help, Clans, Ladder, Map Development, Programming, Off Topic

The Ladder forum had its description updated so it's clear it's specific to Warzone Classic. This is the only forum, other than Warzone Classic, that doesn't apply to Idle.
Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 16:46:18

King Fungus
Level 56
Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 16:47:13

Level 43
Fizzer :)
Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 16:47:38

King Fungus
Level 56
can I have coins just seeing if you will say yes
Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 17:27:33

Level 61
Would it be helpful to have a single player category? The strategy section was mostly used for questions about single-player and it might be obnoxious to have all that in general.
Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 19:14:14

Level 42
+1 to Farah's suggestion above

Either that or directing SP questions to the Help forum (because SP-only players tend to be lower-level).

edit: I wonder if there's some sort of auto-hide thing going on with my posts. This seems to have been downvoted almost instantly for no apparent reason.

Edited 9/18/2020 19:19:34
Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 20:25:08

Level 49
Congrats, shadow banning is a thing now
Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 20:47:39

Level 61
There's too few categories! It was useful to have a separate board to discuss strategy, as opposed to... well, general Warzone talk. Also I second Farah in thinking that single-player is popular enough to have its own section as well. I understand that Idle is a big priority now, but forum's system makes it really hard to browse any slightly older threads and the search isn't helpful either, so at least more categories would make for a better experience when looking for anything on the forum.
Forum restructure: 9/18/2020 20:52:05

Level 63
I dont get whats wrong with the current forum topics...

I support the renaming of General, and the reordering doesnt really matter to me
Forum restructure: 9/19/2020 01:11:53

Level 62
What's genuinely the point of the ladder forum thread? Apart from Seasonal Ladder, there's been nothing changed and the whole point of a thread is to have a discussion, and the same repetitive discussions occur because there's been no changes/attention paid.
Forum restructure: 9/19/2020 05:11:57

Level 30
What's genuinely the point of the ladder forum thread?
  • Advertising new CLOTs (like the Strat ME ladder)
  • Finding ladder partners/teams
  • Congratulating the newest #1 rank player/team on some ladder
  • Questions about ladder mechanics (ratings/rankings)

But yeah it's a very slow forum compared to the rest.
Forum restructure: 9/19/2020 09:13:24

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
is there a hidden way to get to the old strategic forum?
Forum restructure: 9/19/2020 17:13:46

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
... Years ago... when the dashboard was implemented the some contents were brought together. Though there existed some urls that brought you to the old view (although this urls were not linked on the actual website).

is there also a chance to get to the strategic forum here?
its a mess now... the strategic forum was not used often, but if it provided good strategic warzone tips and guides (ps's video guides, guides for 3v3 Europe, 2v2 FE, alexclusives Guiroma order of best bonuses ... and others)
now its a mess... :((

Edited 9/19/2020 17:27:01
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